Effective 11-01-00.
Workforce Development (CR 00-46):
An order affecting ss. DWD 270.085 and 272.085, relating to student worklike activities that do not constitute employment.
Effective 11-01-00.
rules_published Rules Published In This Wis. Adm. Register
The following administrative rule orders have been adopted and published in the September 30, 2000 Wisconsin Administrative Register. Copies of these rules are sent to subscribers of the complete Wisconsin Administrative Code, and also to the subscribers of the specific affected Code.
For subscription information, contact Document Sales at (608) 266-3358.
Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board (CR 00-19):
An order amending ss. BC Figure 5.02, Figure 5.04, Figure 5.05 and Figure 5.06, relating to theory hours conducted by the school outside of the classroom.
Effective 10-01-00.
Commerce (CR 99-143):
An order affecting chs. Comm 2, 3, 20, 50 to 64, 66, 70, 75 and 90, relating to one- and two-family dwellings, commercial buildings and multifamily dwellings.
Effective 10-01-00.
Commerce (CR 00-38):
An order repealing and recreating ch. Comm 43, relating to anhydrous ammonia.
Effective 10-01-00.
Dentistry Examining Board (CR 99-99):
An order creating s. DE 3.04, relating to the oral systemic premedications and subgingival sustained release chemotherapeutic agents that may be administered by a licensed dental hygienist.
Effective 10-01-00.
Employee Trust Funds (CR 00-11):
An order affecting s. ETF 20.25 (1), relating to the distribution to annuitants of the total amount distributed from the transaction amortization account to the annuity reserve under the non-statutory provisions of 1999 Wis. Act 11.
Effective 10-01-00.
Employee Trust Funds (CR 00-43):
An order affecting ch. ETF 50, relating to eligible applicants for disability benefits.
Effective 10-01-00.
Employee Trust Funds (CR 00-62):
An order affecting s. ETF 10.60 (2) and (3), relating to electronic reporting for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).
Effective 10-01-00.
Ethics Board (CR 00-71):
An order creating s. Eth 1.03, relating to reporting the topic of a lobbying communication.
Effective 10-01-00.
Investment Board (CR 00-70):
An order creating s. IB 2.04, relating to Investment Board title holding companies.
Effective 10-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 00-29):
An order creating ch. NR 135 and ss. NR 340.05 (3m) and 340.06 (3) (i), relating to reclamation of nonmetallic mining sites.
Effective 10-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 00-31):
An order affecting ch. NR 10 and ss. NR 11.02, 11.05, 15.022 and 16.02, relating to hunting, trapping and captive wildlife.
Part effective 11-18-00.
Part effective 05-01-01.
Natural Resources (CR 00-32):
An order affecting ss. NR 10.12, 10.145, 10.27, 10.40 and 15.13, relating to hunting, trapping and wildlife research.
Part effective 10-01-00.
Part effective 03-01-01.
Natural Resources (CR 00-33):
An order affecting ch. NR 20 and ss. NR 22.04, 26.10 and 26.31, relating to sport fishing regulations on inland, outlying and boundary waters and fish refuges on inland waters.
Part effective 03-01-01.
Part effective 04-01-01.
Regulation and Licensing (CR 00-18):
An order amending s. RL 62.11, relating to holding classes outside of the classroom.
Effective 10-01-00.
Workforce Development (CR 99-163):
An order affecting chs. DWD 100 to 102, 110, 111, 126 to 129, 132, 135, 140 and 149, relating to a limited waiver of the work search requirement, ability to work and availability for work, and various minor changes relating to unemployment insurance.
Effective 10-01-00.
Sections Affected by Rule Revisions and Corrections
The following administrative rule revisions and corrections have taken place in September 2000, and will be effective as indicated in the history note for each particular section. For additional information, contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275.
Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board:
Ch. BC 5
S. BC 5.02 (entire section)
S. BC 5.04 (entire section)
S. BC 5.05 (entire section)
S. BC 5.06 (entire section)
(Fee Schedule, Ch. Comm 2)
Ch. Comm 2
S. Comm 2.52 (3) (b) and (d)
(Petition for Variance Procedures, Ch. Comm 3)
Ch. Comm 3
S. Comm 3.02 (1) and (3) to (11)
S. Comm 3.03 (3) (a), (c), (d) and (e) and (4), (6) (a)
and (7)
S. Comm 3.04 (1), (3) (d), (4), (5), (6) and (8)
S. Comm 3.05 (2) (a) and (b), (3) (a) to (f) and (4)
S. Comm 3.06 (2) to (10)
(Uniform Dwelling, Chs. Comm 20-25)
Ch. Comm 20
S. Comm 20.18 (entire section)
S. Comm 20.24 (entire section)
Links to Admin. Code and Statutes in this Register are to current versions, which may not be the version that was referred to in the original published document.