Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 547
Table of contents
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules relating to pathogen-tests on ready-to-eat dairy products.
Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Ch. Comm 10--
Rules relating to effective date of required upgrades to aboveground bulk tanks.
Financial Assistance for Businesses and Communities, Chs. Comm 105 to 128
Rules relating to the allocation of volume cap on tax-exempt private activity bonds.
Rules relating to sexually explicit material at adult correctional institutions.
Financial Institutions - Corporate and Consumer Institutions:
Rules relating to the Uniform Commercial Code.
Health & Family Services:
Health, Chs. HFS 30—
Rules relating to patients' rights.
Health, Chs. HFS 110—
Rules relating to certification for removal of lead-based paint hazards.
Rules adopted revising ch. HFS 119, relating to the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP).
[First Appearance]
Rules relating to annual patients compensation fund and mediation fund fees.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1--
Rules relating to sport fishing and commercial fishing in Green Bay.
Public Service Commission:
Rules relating to the definition of fuel and the cost of fuel.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Creating personal privacy and credit card security.
Health and Family Services:
Creating ch. HFS 39 relating to relinquishing and reclaiming custody of a newborn child.
Natural Resources:
Amending ch. NR 115 relating to Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program.
Creating ch. NR 324 relating to the prevention of adverse effects of shore protection construction.
Revising ch. NR 726 relating to the application of deed restrictions and GIS registry notification to closure of contaminated properties with residual soil contamination and ch. NR 749 relating to fees for providing assistance; remediation and redevelopment program.
Public Service Commission:
Revising ch. PSC 114 relating to electric safety of utility facilities.
Amending ch. Trans 276, relating to operation of long combination vehicles on certain highways.
Submittal of rules to legislative council clearinghouse.
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Natural Resources:
Relating to fish passages.
Relating to the control of mercury emissions to address the atmospheric deposition of mercury.
Relating to fees for searching, verifying and certifying motor vehicle records.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Hearing to consider ch. ATCP 21 and 29, relating to plant inspection and pest control.
Flammable and Combustible Liquids, ch. Comm 10
Hearing to consider a revision to ch. Comm 10, Flammable and Combustible Liquids.
Natural Resources:
Fish and Game, etc., chs. NR 1—
Hearing relating to fishing for yellow perch in Green Bay.
Hearing to consider amendment of ch. Trans 195, relating to fees for searching, verifying and certifying motor vehicle records.
(CR 00-140) - Ch. DOC 302
Health and Family Services:
(CR 99-071) - Ch. HFS 58
(CR 01-051) - Ch. HFS 120
(CR 01-052) - Ch. HFS 110
Natural Resources:
(CR 01-002) - Ch. NR 415
(CR 01-030) - Ch. NR 1
(CR 01-036) - Ch. NR 46
Public Service Commission:
(CR 01-033) - Ch. PSC 185
Workforce Development:
(CR 01-039) - Ch. DWD 128
(CR 00-132) - Chs. Comm 2 and 33
(CR 01-022) - Ch. DOC 309
Financial Institutions-Savings Institutions:
(CR 01-041) - Chs. DFI-SB 16 and DFI-SL 16
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-160) - Chs. NR 422 and 484
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
(CR 99-151) - Ch. ATCP 81
(CR 00-183) - Ch. ATCP 97
(CR 01-051) - Ch. ATCP 161
(CR 00-079) - Ch. DOC 306
Employee Trust Funds:
(CR 00-021) - Ch. ETF 10
(CR 00-022) - Chs. ETF 10 and 20
Financial Institutions-Securities:
(CR 01-025) - Chs. DFI-Sec 1 and 5
Geologists, Hydrologists and Soil Scientists:
(CR 00-139) - Ch. GHSS 1
(CR 00-188) - Ch. Ins 3
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-135) - Chs. NR 1, 50 and 51
(CR 00-136) - Chs. NR 116 and 333
(CR 00-163) - Ch. NR 1
(CR 00-176) - Ch. NR 754
(CR 00-177) - Ch. NR 47
Pharmacy Examining Board:
(CR 00-165) - Ch. Phar 7
Public Instruction:
(CR 00-186) - Ch. PI 26
Public Service Commission:
(CR 00-065) - Ch. PSC 118
Workforce Development:
(CR 00-181) - Ch. DWD 80
Executive Order No. 16
Relating to a proclamation.
Executive Order No. 17
Relating to a proclamation.
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