Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 551
Table of contents
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules revising ch. ATCP 77, relating to certification of drug residue screening laboratories and approval of laboratory analysts to perform drug residue screening tests on milk.
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Financial Assistance for Businesses and Communities, Chs. Comm 105 to 128
Rules revising ch. Comm 110, relating to brownfields redevelopment grants.
Financial Institutions - Corporate and Consumer Services:
Rules relating to the Uniform Commercial Code.
Health & Family Services:
Community Services, Chs. HFS 30—
A rules relating to patients' rights.
Rules relating to early intervention services for children birth to 3 with developmental needs.
Health, Chs. HFS 110—
Rules relating to the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP).
Rules relating to Wisconsin agent licensing rules to be reciprocal and more uniform under Gramm Leach Bliley Act and the NAIC Producer model.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to sport fishing and commercial fishing for yellow perch in Green Bay.
Rules relating to deer hunting in selected deer management units.
Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Service Award Board:
Rules relating to the length of service award program.
Repealing ch. Adm 25 relating to the Information Technology Investment Fund.
Repealing ch. Adm 41 relating to the Energy Development and Demonstration Fund program.
Employee Trust Funds:
Revising ch. ETF 10 relating to participation in the Variable Trust Fund of the Wisconsin Retirement System.
Revising ch. ETF 20 relating to clarification of the impact of multiple QDROs on a participant's WRS account.
Health and Family Services:
Revising ch. HFS 119 relating to the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP) with limits on covered prescription drugs.
Natural Resources:
Revising ch. NR 25 relating to commercial fishing in Lake Superior.
Rules relating to recycling program requirements contained in ch. NR 544.
Public Instruction:
Rules relating to access to statewide examinations.
Amending ch. Trans 276 relating to the addition of 5 highway segments to a network of highways on which long combination vehicles may operate.
Amending ch. Trans 320 relating to fees charged for security and law enforcement services and for escort services.
Submittal of rules to legislative council clearinghouse.
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Accounting Examining Board:
Ch. Accy 1 - relating to auditing standards for accounting and review services, and standards for attestation engagements.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
Chs. Phar 1 and 2 - relating to a pharmacy internship program.
Public Instruction:
Chs. PI 10, 12, and 37 - relating to technical modifications to bring existing code into conformity with statutes that have been changed or enacted.
Ch. PI 27 - relating to the commencement of a school term.
Chs. PI 23, 33, 39 and 43 - relating to the elimination of obsolete rules.
Accounting Examining Board:
Hearing to consider s. Accy 1.205, relating to auditing standards, standards for accounting and review services, and standards for attestation engagements.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Hearings to consider revision to chs. ATCP 69, 77 and 80, relating to dairy and cheesemakers.
Hearings to consider revision to ch. ATCP 60, relating to dairy farm standards.
Controlled Substances Board:
Hearing to consider creation of s. CSB 2.27, relating to the scheduling of certain drugs under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1
Hearing to consider revisions to ch. NR 18, relating to falconry.
Hearings to consider revisions to subch. II of ch. NR 16, relating to fish farms.
Environmental Protection - Remediation, etc., Chs. NR 700—
Hearing on revisions to chs. NR 700, 714, 722, 726 and 749, relating to deed restrictions on contaminated lands and soil GIS registry.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
Hearing to consider revision of chs. Phar 1 and 2, relating to a pharmacy internship program.
Financial Institutions - Banking:
(CR 01-112) - Ch. DFI-Bkg 74
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-175) - Chs. NR 460 and 464
(CR 01-037) - Chs. NR 20 and 25
(CR 01-067) - Ch. NR 809
Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board:
(CR 01-101) - Chs. NHA 1 to 5
Public Service Commission:
(CR 00-184) - Ch. PSC 163
Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyor:
(CR 01-034) - Ch. A-E 2
Employee Trust Funds:
(CR 01-096) - Ch ETF 20
Financial Institutions-Division of Securities:
(CR 01-082) - Chs. DFI-Sec 4, 5 and 7
(CR 01-083) - Chs. DFI-Sec 2, 7 and 9
Optometry Examining Board:
(CR 01-060) - Ch. Opt 5
(CR 01-070) - Ch. Comm 113
Controlled Substances Board:
(CR 01-071) - Ch. CSB 2
Funeral Directors Examining Board:
(CR 01-063) - Chs. FD 1 and 4
Health and Family Services:
(CR 00-091) - Ch. HFS 112
(CR 00-169) - Ch. Ins 18
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-112) - Ch. NR 7
(CR 01-007) - Chs. NR 5 and 50
(CR 01-008) - Chs. NR 1, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 45
(CR 01-012) - Chs. NR 20, 21 and 50
(CR 01-013) - Chs. NR 20 and 26
(CR 01-030) - Ch. NR 1
(CR 01-038) - Ch. NR 8
(CR 01-066) - Ch. NR 10
(CR 01-084) - Ch. Trans 195
Veterinary Examining Board:
(CR 01-061) - Ch. VE 7
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