Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 553
Table of contents
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules relating to certification of drug residue screening laboratories and approval of laboratory analysts to perform drug residue screening tests on milk.
Financial Assistance for Businesses and Communities, Chs. Comm 105 to 128
Rules relating to brownfields redevelopment grants.
Rules relating to community development block grant program.
Rules relating to Wisconsin technology zone program.
Financial Institutions - Banking:
Rules relating to registration fees under the Wisconsin Consumer Act.
Financial Institutions - Corporate and Consumer Services:
Rules relating to the Uniform Commercial Code.
Health & Family Services:
Community Services, Chs. HFS 30—
Rules relating to early intervention services for children birth to 3 with developmental needs.
Health, Chs. HFS 110—
Rules relating to prescription drug coinsurance coverage.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to sport fishing and commercial fishing for yellow perch in Green Bay.
Rules relating to sturgeon spearing on the Lake Winnebago system.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
Rules relating to a pharmacy internship program.
Rules relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and identification cards.
Rules creating ch. Treas 1, relating to the Wisconsin College Savings Program Board. [First Appearance]
Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Service Award Board:
Rules relating to the length of service award program.
Workforce Development:
Prevailing Wage Rates, Chs. DWD 290-294
Rules relating to wage rates and payment and performance assurance requirements.
Financial Institutions-Securities:
Rules relating to banks selling certificates of deposit of third-party financial institutions.
Health and Family Services:
Rules revising chs. HFS 45 and 46, relating to the licensing of family day care centers and group day care centers.
Rules revising ch. HFS 57, relating to group foster homes for children.
Rules revising ch. HFS 124, relating to standards for the construction, maintenance and operation of hospitals.
Rules relating to Medicare supplement insurance requirements.
Natural Resources:
Rules creating ch. NR 169, relating to the dry cleaner environmental response fund program.
Rules revising ch. NR 150, relating to environmental analysis and review procedures for department actions.
Rules creating ch. NR 173, regarding establishment of the brownfields green space grant program.
Public Instruction:
Rules relating to Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP).
Rules relating to prohibition on service fees by motor vehicle dealers.
Rules relating to the odometer disclosure statement.
Submittal of rules to legislative council clearinghouse.
Pages 16
Chapters Comm 2, 34, 81, 82, 84 and 90 relating to Wisconsin uniform plumbing code; fees; amusement rides; and design and construction public swimming pools.
Financial Institutions-Savings Institutions:
Sections DFI-SB 16.03 (8) and DFI-SL 16.06, relating to acquiring stock in bank-owned banks.
Rule relating to motor carrier safety regulations.
Rule relating to issuance of driver's licenses and identification cards.
Workforce Development:
Ch. DWD 55, relating to day care certification.
Hearing to consider changes to chs. Comm 81 - 87, the Uniform Plumbing Code; ch. Comm 2, Fees; ch. Comm 34, Amusement Rides; and ch. Comm 90, Design and Construction of Public Swimming Pools.
Financial Institutions-Savings Institutions:
Hearing to consider creating rules relating to acquiring and holding stock in bank-owned banks.
Natural Resources:
Environmental Protection-General, Chs. NR 100—
Hearings to consider changes to code chapters relating to stream classifications.
Proposed rule relating to motor carrier safety regulations.
Hearing to consider rule changes relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and identification cards.
Workforce Development:
Economic Support, Chs. DWD 11 to 59
Hearing to consider changes to rules relating to day care certification.
Accounting Examining Board:
(CR 01-133) - Ch. Accy 1
(CR 01-062) - Ch. Comm 32
(CR 01-126) - Ch. Comm 95
Natural Resources:
(CR 01-115) - Ch. NR 25
Pharmacy Examining Board:
(CR 00-157) - Chs. Phar 2, 4, 12, 13, and 16
Financial Institutions:
(CR 00-166) - Ch. DFI-Bkg 74
Health and Family Services:
(CR 00-020) - Chs. HSS 56 and HFS 56
(CR 00-172) - Ch. HFS 163
(CR 01-106) - Ch. HFS 90
(CR 01-116) - Ch. HFS 111
Regulation and Licensing:
(CR 01-100) - Chs. RL 80 to 86
(CR 01-102) - Ch. RL 87
(CR 01-048) - Ch. Adm 46
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
(CR 01-004) - Ch. ATCP 48
(CR 00-140) - Ch. DOC 302
Health and Family Services:
(CR 99-071) - Ch. HFS 58
(CR 00-151) - Ch. HFS 94
(CR 01-045) - Ch. HFS 95
(CR 01-073) - Ch. HFS 119
Higher Educational Aids Board:
(CR 01-078) - Ch. HEA 13
(CR 01-079) - Ch. HEA 14
(CR 01-072) - Ch. Ins 6
(CR 01-074) - Chs. Ins 6, 26 and 28
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-154) - Chs. NR 1, 10 12 and 19
(CR 00-164) - Chs. NR 103 and 350
(CR 01-055) - Ch. NR 410
Regulation and Licensing:
(CR 01-068) - Ch. RL 10
(CR 99-158) - Ch. Tax 20
(CR 01-097) - Ch. Trans 276
Executive order 35:
Relating to a proclamation that the flags by flown at half-staff for John W. Reynolds.
Executive order 36:
Relating to a proclamation that the flags by flown at half-staff for Henry S. Reuss.
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