Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 555
Table of contents
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules relating to certification of drug residue screening laboratories.
Financial Assistance for Businesses and Communities, Chs. Comm 105 to 128
Rules relating to brownfields redevelopment grants.
Rules relating to Wisconsin technology zone program.
Financial Institutions - Banking:
Rules relating to registration fees under the Wisconsin Consumer Act.
Health & Family Services:
Health, Chs. HFS 110—
Rules relating to prescription drug coinsurance coverage.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to sturgeon spearing on the Lake Winnebago system.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
Rules relating to a pharmacy internship program.
Public Instruction:
Rules relating to the Milwaukee parental choice program.
Rules adopted creating ch. PI 27, relating to the commencement of a school term. [First Appearance]
Rules relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and identification cards.
State Treasurer:
Rules relating to the Wisconsin College Savings Program Board.
Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Service Award Board:
Rules relating to the length of service award program.
Workforce Development:
Prevailing Wage Rates, Chs. DWD 290-294
Rules relating to wage rates and payment and performance assurance requirements.
Employee Trust Funds:
Rules relating to the effective date of annuities and prorating dividends and reducing the minimum percentage by which an annuity can be adjusted.
Health and Family Services:
Rules creating ch. HFS 109, relating to SeniorCare, a prescription drug assistance program.
Rules relating to commission compensation limitations for proper long-term care policy replacements.
Natural Resources:
Rules revising ch. NR 428, relating to ozone emission reduction.
Rules revising ch. NR 440 to incorporate new New Source Performance Standards (NSPS).
Rules revising ch. NR 191, relating to lake protection and classification grants and ch. NR 190, relating to lake management planning grants.
Rules revising ch. NR 140, relating to groundwater quality.
Financial Institutions - Credit Unions:
Relating to member business loans.
Relating to corporation returns, claims for refund and other amended returns, and petitions for redetermination.
Financial Institutions - Credit Unions:
Hearing to consider rules relating to member business loans.
(CR 01-109) - Ch. Comm 62
(CR 01-139) - Chs. Comm 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 30, 32, 35, 41, 45, 61 to 65, 71, 75, 81, 82, 84, 90 and 91
Natural Resources:
(CR 01-054) - Ch. NR 326
(CR 01-128) - Ch. NR 16
(CR 01-146) - Ch. NR 47
(CR 02-003) - Chs. Trans 325 and 326
Workforce Development:
(CR 02-011) - Chs. DWD 290 and 293
Employment Relations:
(CR 00-140) - Chs. ER 29 and 30
Employment Relations - Merit Recruitment and Selction:
(CR 01-141) - Ch. ER-MRS 30
Financial Institutions - Banking:
(CR 02-001) - Ch. DFI-Bkg 80
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
(CR 01-042) - Chs. ATCP 55 and 56
(CR 01-113) - Ch. Comm 108
(CR 01-126) - Ch. Comm 95
Health and Family Services:
(CR 01-105) - Ch. HFS 145
Natural Resources:
(CR 00-112) - Ch. NR 7
(CR 00-175) - Chs. NR 460, 464 and 484
(CR 01-067) - Ch. NR 809
Public Service Commission:
(CR 00-184) - Ch. PSC 163
Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors Examining Board:
(CR 01-059) - Ch. SFC 3
(CR 01-095) - Ch. SFC 3
(CR 01-117) - Ch. Trans 28
(CR 01-121) - Ch. Trans 131
Workforce Development:
(CR 01-099) - Ch. DWD 11
Workforce Development:
2002 Child-Care Copay Schedule.
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