Sections affected by rule revisions and corrections
The following administrative rule revisions and corrections have taken place in May 2002, and will be effective as indicated in the history note for each particular section. For additional information, contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275.
Ch. Comm 7
Ch. Comm 107 (entire chapter)
Health and Family Services:
Ch. HFS 119
Ch. HFS 172
Ch. HFS 175
Ch. HFS 195
Ch. HFS 196
Ch. HFS 197
Ch. HFS 198
Natural Resources:
Ch. NR 47
Ch. Phar 2
Ch. Phar 4
Ch. Phar 12
Ch. Phar 13
Public Instruction:
Ch. PI 10
Ch. PI 12
Ch. PI 20
Ch. PI 23 (entire chapter)
Ch. PI 25
Ch. PI 33 (entire chapter)
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