Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 599
Table of contents
Elections Board:
Rules relating to the use of funds in a federal campaign committee that has been converted to a state campaign committee.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to the 2005 migratory game bird seasons.
Rules relating to the administration of the Managed Forest Law and the Wisconsin Forest Landowner Grant Program.
Rules relating to hunter education fees.
Environmental Protection-Water Regulation, Chs. NR 300—
Rules relating to regulation of piers, wharves, boat shelters, boat hoists, boat lifts and swim rafts in navigable waterways.
Public Instruction:
Rules relating to the private school proration process.
Rules relating to prorating under the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.
Technical College System Board:
Rules relating to training program grants.
Veterans Affairs:
Rules relating to the veterans tuition reimbursement program.
Rules relating to the assistance to needy veterans program.
Workforce Development:
Labor Standards, Chs. DWD 270-279
Rules relating to overtime pay for employees performing companionship services.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules affecting to ch. ATCP 30, relating to pesticide product restrictions; atrazine pesticides.
Health and Family Services:
Rules affecting ch. HFS 148, relating to the cancer drug repository program.
Veterans Affairs:
Rules relating to the county transportation services grant program.
Natural Resources:
Rules affecting chs. NR 10 and 45, relating to small game and expanded spring turkey hunting in state parks.
Rules amending ch. NR 20, relating to hook and line walleye, sauger and hybrids fishing in Sherman Lake, Vilas County and Bass (Patterson) Lake, Washburn County.
Rules amending ch. NR 192, relating to lake monitoring contracts and the citizen lake monitoring network.
Veterans Affairs:
Rules revising ch. VA 13, relating to the veterans assistance program.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
CR 05-014 - Ch. ATCP 51, relating to livestock facility siting.
CR 04-135 - Chs. Comm 2, 26 and 95, relating to manufactured home communities.
Natural Resources:
CR 02-095 - Ch. NR 140, relating to groundwater quality standards.
Optometry Examining Board:
CR 05-036 - Chs. Opt 5 and 6, relating to conduct, examinations and continuing education.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
CR 05-078 - Ch. Phar 7, relating to prescription records and transfer of prescription order information.
Veterans Affairs:
CR 05-090 - Ch. VA 17, relating to the military funeral honors program.
CR 05-091 - Ch. VA 2, relating to the veterans retraining grant program.
CR 05-096 - Ch. VA 2, relating to the veterans tuition reimbursement program.
CR 05-097 - Ch. VA 2, relating to the assistance to needy veterans program.
CR 05-023 - An order affecting ch. Ins 3, relating to mortgage guaranty insurance.
Natural Resources:
CR 05-020 - An order affecting chs. NR 500 series and NR 81, relating to landfilling of solid waste.
CR 05-037 - An order affecting chs. NR 329 and 345, relating to miscellaneous structures and dredging in navigable waterways.
CR 05-055 - An order affecting chs. NR 400, 424, 438 and 445, relating to excluding additional organic compounds for the volatile organic compound (VOC) definition and to VOC emission limits for yeast manufacturing.
CR 05-057 - An order affecting ch. NR 10, relating to the migratory game bird seasons.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
CR 05-029 - Ch. Phar 7, relating to the return or exchange of health items.
Public Instruction:
CR 05-076 - Ch. PI 36, relating to the public school open enrollment program.
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