Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 610
Table of contents
Rules relating to cost benefit analyses of contractural services.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Rules relating to a poultry flock certification program.
Rules relating to mobile air conditioners; reclaiming or recycling refrigerant.
Financial Resources for Businesses and Communities, Chs. Comm 105 to 131
Rules relating to diesel truck idling reduction grants.
Rules relating to a sex offender registration fee.
Elections Board:
Rules relating to the use of funds in a federal campaign committee that has been converted to a state campaign committee.
Rules relating to election day registration and the requirement to provide a driver's license number or other form of identification to register at the polls.
Emergency Management:
Rules relating to disaster assistance for local governments.
Financial Institutions - Banking:
Rules affecting ch. DFI-Bkg 77, relating to pawnbrokers. [First Appearance]
Health and Family Services:
Health, Chs. HFS 110—
Rules relating to licensing emergency medical technicians and affecting small businesses.
Rules relating to prescribing forms for use by physicians, technicians and tissue bank employees when removing organs and tissue, other than cardiovascular tissue from decedents.
Rules relating to preferred provider plan applicability dates and affecting small business plan limited exemption.
Rules affecting s. Ins 6.77, relating to underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in umbrella and commercial policies. [First Appearance]
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to regulation of firewood entering and exiting department lands and affecting small businesses.
Rules relating to the 2006 migratory game bird season.
Environmental Protection-Water Regulation, Chs. NR 300—
Rules relating to shore erosion control on rivers and streams.
Environmental Protection - Hazardous Waste, Chs. NR 600‐)
Rules relating to hazardous waste management.
Regulation and Licensing:
Rules relating to a code of conduct and renewal requirements for substance abuse professionals.
Rules relating to contractual service procurement.
Rules relating to allowing the operation of certain 2-vehicle combinations on certain highways without a permit.
Workforce Development:
Workforce Solutions, Chs. DWD 11 to 59
Rules affecting s. DWD 59.07, relating to community child care initiatives grants. [First Appearance]
Rules affecting ch. Comm 133, relating to implementing a film production accreditation program.
Natural Resources:
Rules affecting s. NR 1.212 (3) (a), relating to private forestry policy.
Rules affecting s. NR 1.25, relating to authorize contracting with private cooperating foresters for services to establish state land timber harvests.
Rules affecting ch. NR46, to address the annual adjustments of timber stumpage values used in the administration of the Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Forest Crop Law (FCL).
Rules affecting chs. NR 151 to 155 to establish additional performance standard(s), clarify language, modify grant criteria to reflect program priorities, and update certain provisions based on improved data.
Workforce Development:
Rules affecting ch. DWD 55, relating to child care certification.
Rules affecting ch. DWD 123, relating to employer reports regarding unemployment insurance benefit claims.
Rules affecting ch. DWD 130, relating to wages for benefit purposes.
Rules affecting ch. DWD 276, relating to notice to home care consumers and workers.
Natural Resources:
Rules affecting ch. NR 22, relating to commercial harvest of shovelnose sturgeon in the Wisconsin Iowa boundary waters.
Rules affecting ch. NR 432, relating to the establishment of provisions for major electric generating units in Wisconsin to comply with the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR).
Rules affecting ch. NR 20, relating to regulation of fishing tournaments in inland, outlying and boundary waters.
Rules affecting s. Tax 9.70, relating to cigarette and tobacco products bad debt deductions.
Natural Resources:
Hearing to consider rules affecting s. NR 20.40, relating to regulation of fishing tournaments in inland, outlying and boundary waters of Wisconsin.
Hearing to consider rules affecting ss. NR 22.02 and 22.11, relating to commercial fishing for sturgeon in the Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters.
Workforce Development:
Hearing to consider rules affecting ch. DWD 59, relating to grants supporting community child care initiatives.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
CR 05-108 - An order affecting chs. ATCP 32 and 33, relating to fertilizer and pesticide bulk storage.
Chiropractic Examining Board:
CR 06-051 - An order affecting chs. Chir 4, 5, 6, and 12, relating to nutritional counseling certification.
CR 06-071 - An order affecting chs. Comm 5, 20, 21, 22 and 27, relating to installation of manufactured homes.
Pharmacy Examining Board:
CR 05-050 - An order affecting chs. Phar 2 and 17, relating to a foreign graduate internship.
CR 06-052 - An order affecting ch. Phar 8, relating to controlled substances theft and loss reporting requirements.
Regulation and Licensing:
CR 06-033 - An order affecting chs. RL 80 to 87, relating to real estate appraisers.
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