Ch. DFI-Bkg 80, relating to non-judicial enforcement and surrender of collateral.
Financial Institutions - Banking
Ch. DFI-Bkg 77, relating to pawnbrokers.
Ch. Ins 9, relating to preferred provider plan applicability dates and affecting small business.
Medical Examining Board
Ch. Med 1, relating to the requirements for completion of the 3-step sequence of the United States medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 127, 160 and 166, relating to safe drinking water loan program.
Natural Resources
Ch. NR 520, relating to balances in the waste management program revenue account.
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 10 and 45, relating to correcting management unit boundaries, clarifying trapping requirements, correcting cross-references and update rules on the identification of tree stands on state lands.
Natural Resources
Ch. NR 5, relating to sound testing methods for airboats.
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 406 and 410, relating to construction permit waivers and affecting small business.
Natural Resources
Ch. NR 1, relating to definition of “generally accepted forestry management practices".
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 660, etc., relating to hazardous waste management.
Podiatrists Affiliated Credentialing Board
Chs. Pod 1 and 3, relating to waiver of continuing podiatric medical education.
Ch. Trans 102, relating to proof of identity.
University of Wisconsin System
Chs. UWS 2, 4, 7, and 11, relating to procedures for dismissal of academic staff in special cases.
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