The scope statement for this rule, SS 115-14, was published in Register No. 707A, on November 14, 2014, and approved by State Superintendent Tony Evers, on November 24, 2014. Pursuant to Coyne v. Walker, the Department of Public Instruction is not required to obtain the Governor’s approval for the statement of scope for this rule. Coyne v. Walker, No. 2013AP416, 2015 WL 686178 (Wis. Ct. App. Feb. 19, 2015).
The state superintendent of public instruction hereby proposes an order to repeal PI 26 Appendix; and to repeal and recreate PI 26, relating to academic and career planning and education for employment plans and programs.
Statute interpreted: ss. 121.02 (1) (m) and 115.28 (59), Stats.
Statutory authority: ss. 121.02 (1) (m) and 115.28 (59), Stats
Explanation of agency authority:
121.02 School district standards.
(1)Except as provided in s. 118.40 (2r) (d), each school board shall:
(m) Provide access to an education for employment program approved by the state superintendent. Beginning in the 1997-98 school year, the program shall incorporate applied curricula; guidance and counseling services under par. (e); technical preparation under s. 118.34; college preparation; youth apprenticeship under s. 106.13 or other job training and work experience; and instruction in skills relating to employment. The state superintendent shall assist school boards in complying with this paragraph.
115.28 General duties. The state superintendent shall:
(a) Ensure that, beginning in the 2017−18 school year, every school board is providing academic and career planning services to pupils enrolled in grades 6 to 12 in the school district.
(b) Procure, install, and maintain information technology, including computer software, to be used statewide by school districts to provide academic and career planning services to pupils in grades 6 to 12.
(c) Provide guidance, training, and technical assistance to school districts and school district staff, including teachers and counselors, on how to implement model academic and career plans, including training and technical assistance that is necessary to implement the information technology under par. (b).
(d) Promulgate rules to implement this subsection.
Related statute or rule: N/A
Plain language analysis:
Pursuant to s. 121.02 (1) (m), Stats., school districts are required to provide education for employment programs that are approved by the state superintendent. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) promulgated PI 26 to administer this requirement. Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, school districts will also be required to provide academic and career planning services under s. 115.28 (59), Stats. The DPI is required to promulgate rules to implement this new requirement. The DPI is revising the existing rule provisions regarding education for employment programs and adding new rule provisions regarding academic and career planning services.
Summary of, and comparison with, existing or proposed federal regulations: N/A
Comparison with rules in adjacent states: N/A
Summary of factual data and analytical methodologies:
Connecting school districts’ Education for Employment Plans and Programs with the new academic and career planning initiative will increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Analysis and supporting documents used to determine effect on small business or in preparation of economic impact report: N/A
Anticipated costs incurred by private sector: N/A
Effect on small business:
The proposed rules will have no significant economic impact on small businesses, as defined in s. 227.114 (1) (a), Stats.
Agency contact person: (including email and telephone)
Carl Bryan
Budget and Policy Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
(608) 267-9127
Place where comments are to be submitted and deadline for submission:
Comments should be submitted to Carl Bryan, Department of Public Instruction, 125 S. Webster Street, P.O. Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707-7841 or at The Department will publish a hearing notice in the Administrative Register which will provide information on the deadline for the submission of comments.
SECTION 1. PI 26 is repealed and recreated to read:
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