Wisconsin Legislature

Scope Statement SS 013-16

Status: Expired

Department of Safety and Professional Services (SPS)

Administrative Code Chapter Groups Affected:

Chs. SPS 301- ; Safety, Buildings, and Environment

Chs. SPS 301-319; General, Part I

Chs. SPS 320-325; Uniform Dwelling Code

Chs. SPS 326-360; General, Part II

Administrative Code Chapters Affected:

Ch. SPS 302 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 303 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 320 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 321 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 322 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 323 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 324 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 325 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 360 (Revised)

Related to: Erosion control, sediment control, and storm water

Text: Text of SS 013-16

Related Permanent Rule: CR 16-052

Date Statement Approved by Governor: February 15, 2016

Date Statement Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: February 4, 2020

Register Entries

Date Register File
10/10/2016730A2, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-052 Hearing Information
10/10/2016730A2, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-052 Economic Impact Analysis
10/10/2016730A2, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-052 Rule Text
10/10/2016730A2, Notices of Submittal of Proposed Rules to Legislative Council ClearinghouseCR 16-052
2/22/2016722A4, Statements of ScopeSS 013-16
2/20/2017734A3, Notices of Submittal of Rules to Legislature in Final Draft FormCR 16-052
6/19/2017738A3, Final Permanent Rules Filed with LRB for Administrative Code PublicationCR 16-052 Rule Text
7/31/2017739B, Final Rules Published in Administrative Code and Final Regulatory Flexibility AnalysesCR 16-052 Rule Text