Wisconsin Legislature

Scope Statement SS 014-21

Status: Expired

Department of Workforce Development (DWD)

Administrative Code Chapter Group Affected:

Chs. DWD 100-150; Unemployment Insurance

Administrative Code Chapter Affected:

Ch. DWD 132 (Revised)

Related to: Temporarily waiving the waiting week for unemployment benefits

Text: Text of SS 014-21

Date Statement Approved by Governor: February 12, 2021

Date Statement Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: August 15, 2023

Notes: By letter dated February 25, 2021, and addressed to the Legislative Reference Bureau, the Department of Workforce Development announced that this statement of scope has been withdrawn.

Register Entries

Date Register File
2/15/2021782A3, Statements of ScopeSS 014-21