Wisconsin Legislature

Scope Statement SS 038-16

Status: Expired

Department of Safety and Professional Services (SPS)

Administrative Code Chapter Groups Affected:

Chs. SPS 301- ; Safety, Buildings, and Environment

Chs. SPS 301-319; General, Part I

Chs. SPS 361-366; Commercial Building Code

Chs. SPS 380-387; Plumbing

Chs. SPS 388- ; General, Part IV

Administrative Code Chapters Affected:

Ch. SPS 302 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 305 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 361 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 362 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 363 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 364 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 380 (Created)

Ch. SPS 381 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 382 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 383 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 384 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 385 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 386 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 387 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 390 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 390 Appendix (Revised)

Related to: Design and construction of public swimming pools and water attractions

Text: Text of SS 038-16

Date Statement Approved by Governor: May 12, 2016

Date Statement Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: February 4, 2020

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5/23/2016725A4, Statements of ScopeSS 038-16