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The Wisconsin Legislature built this website to publish its many documents, with the goals of improving accessibility, searching, browsing, linking, and RSS feeds.
Thank you for using our legislative document publishing site. Please feel free to give us feedback if you have ideas or suggestions.
New style
We have recently re-styled this site to make it more accessible on devices with smaller screens, such as phones and tablets. Most of the changes are cosmetic; it just looks a bit different.
The search bar, which used to be in the upper left hand corner of the page, is now at the upper right. On phones, it moves down to a tab at the bottom of the navigation bar on long documents. On shorter pages, you just need to scroll up to the top to see the navigation bar.
“Table of Contents" has become “Home" in the upper right. The “Preferences" have moved to the “Options" menu. You can now view the tree and submit feedback to us in that options menu, as well.
The “Documents" menu is new, and lets you quickly browse to different kinds of documents without returning to the main menu page.
When browsing long documents like the statutes, the hovering tool buttons have been combined into a roving question mark box which will give you more options for the current section of the document.