bills Bills
what is a bill What is a bill?
A bill is a proposal introduced in either the Senate or Assembly that has the intent to create, amend, or repeal a Wisconsin statute.
Bills may be introduced by legislators or by committee.
find a bill How can I find a bill?
If you know the subject of the bill, but not the exact terminology in the bill, use the Subject Index.
If you don't know the number of the bill you're looking for, try searching by keyword.
If you know the number and the introducing house of the bill you are seeking, enter the bill number into the search box; for example, “AB1" or “SB30".
bill history How can I use a bill history?
A bill history, also called a procedural history, is the chronology of a bill's progression through the legislature.
A bill history item contains the following data:
  Date of action
  House (S for Senate, A for Assembly)
  Description of the action
  The page in the Senate or Assembly Journal where the action is recorded
The bill history contains links to fiscal notes, related reports, memos, amendment texts, and voting results. The journal numbers at each entry link to pages in the assembly and senate journals where the action is recorded. There is also a link to the actual text of the original bill. If a bill is amended or signed into law, there are links to notes written by the Legislative Council on those actions.