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There are two main formats of large documents on this site: PDF and HTML.
This page is about the HTML view. In a modern browser with Javascript enabled, the page will automatically load more content as you scroll up (or down.) Those with screen readers, text browsers, or Javascript disabled will see “Previous" and “Next" links to navigate inside a document
A question mark icon pops up in the left margin of the page when you hover over a paragraph, and can be used to view more options for the current section.
Creating a permanent link
If you want to link to our site from an email or your own webpage, you may want a reliable link to a particular section. The way our site currently works, if you copy the URL in your browser, this may only take you to where you started browsing. To create a permanent link to a document or location in a document, right where you are, click the magnifying glass and right click the link that is followed by (Permanent link). Use the browser's copy function. The URL you get will stay stable, and point right to that section of the document.
Using the tree
To view the hierarchy of documents, choose Options and then View tree in the top bar.
To go back to the non-tree view, choose Options and then Close tree in the top bar.
The question mark button
Depending on the type of document, the question mark will show various options. Statutes have many functions, but other document types are more limited.
  If PDF format is available for the current document, PDF view will attempt to jump you to the page of the PDF containing that paragraph. (If your browser does not jump straight to the correct page, see the PDF help or just use the page number as displayed next to the PDF view option.)
  The permanent link and bookmark options allow bookmarking or linking to our site.
  View just this citation (or section, depending on the document type) will limit down your view so just that section is displayed, by itself.
  Go to top of document does just that.
  Cross references for section is available in statutes and administrative code. Go here to see the other things that refer to this section.
  Acts affecting this section is available in statutes. This option takes you to the Sections Affected document, which will display any acts from the current session which are affecting that section.
  References to this will let you see where else on the site that section is referenced.
  A link to the 1970 Statutes Annotations is available in the statutes, and will go there.
  Show/hide reference lines will toggle the reference line display. By default, the red reference line only shows for the currently selected paragraph. Show will turn them all on. There is a preference, Always show reference lines, to make them always display.
  Clear highlighting will turn off any search hit highlighting.