ebook Using Ebooks
The Wisconsin Legislature currently produces an ebook version of the Wisconsin Statutes in EPUB format.
pdf view Loading the statutes using an Apple device
The EPUB file should load in iBooks normally. On very old Apple devices, you may find that the statutes ebook is too large to load. It may help to use a different reader app, such as Stanza.
Loading the statutes using an Android device
Depending on your device, there are many different e-reader apps. You can load the EPUB file in most e-reader applications.
For example, to load the EPUB file into FBReader, you can either download it from this site on your device or on your computer.
On your device:
  Use a file manager on the device to move the EPUB file into the “Books" directory. This will make the book show up in the FBReader library.
  Hit options button
  Choose “ Library"
  Choose “ File tree" and browse to where you downloaded the the EPUB file
From your computer:
  Download the EPUB file on your computer.
  Connect your device over USB.
  On the device's screen, enable USB transfer.
  Drag and drop the EPUB file into the “Books" folder on the device. (If there isn't one, just create it.)
back button Loading the statutes using a Barnes & Noble Nook
You should be able to click the link to the EPUB file on a Nook and have it load into your library.
Loading the statutes using an Amazon Kindle
There may be other Amazon-recommended methods, but the easiest way is to download and install the Calibre e-book manager and use it to add books to the Kindle device over USB. It will auto-convert to the proprietary Kindle format.
Loading and viewing the statutes on a personal computer or laptop.
Ebooks may be downloaded to personal computers or laptops, but an Ebook Reader is required to view the Ebook. We recommend downloading and installing the Calibre e-book manager. When a reader has been installed on your computer, the downloaded Ebook file can simply be dragged to the reader and opened.
Other devices or readers?
If you have any feedback or suggestions about the ebook, please contact us using this feedback form. If you would like a return contact, please leave us a method to contact you!