linking Linking to this site
Simple linking
For simple documents such as PDFs, you can just copy and paste the URL in your address bar, and use that to link to that document. (Some documents, such as enrolled proposals, may move or go away later.)
Statutes and administrative code linking
To link inside a complex document like statutes or administrative code, click the section you wish to link to. Click the question mark in the left margin. You can copy the links next to (Permanent link) by right clicking and choosing “Copy link" or “Copy shortcut" for permanent links of the form:{type}/{reference}
So, for statutes, to link to section 13.92, the permanent link in that menu will be:
Legislative session linking
To link to the currently active legislative session, use:
To link to a folder in the related documents for a session, replace the session year with “current". For example, to link to proposal text, use:
To link to CRs, use this style of URL:
To link to bills, use this (where "reg" is the three-letter session abbreviation):
To link to appointments:
To create a link to a destination inside the author index which always points to the current session, take the /document URL with the biennium year:
and remove the year to make it assume the current biennium: