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Are you searching the correct legislative session?
The Wisconsin Legislature meets in biennial (two-year) sessions.
If you are looking for a bill introduced in 2005 or 2006, you must look in the 2005-06 session related documents.
This site archives bills back to the 1995-1996 session
If you are looking for statutes from before 1995, try the archive.
Are you looking for the intent of a state statute?
While Wisconsin's legislative process is not geared toward documenting the intent of law, researching the legislative history of a statute may help create a better understanding of it.
Are there other documents associated with a bill you would like to see?
Most of the important documents related to a bill are available via links from the bill's legislative history.
Committee records for the bill may exist; however there is no transcript of the proceedings in those records.
Some committees have web sites where information is available.
  Senate committees
The legislative service agencies may have publications on the bill or topic you are interested in.