2006 Special Committee on Disaster Preparedness Planning

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  • The special committee is directed to study and make recommendations in the area of public and private cooperation in preparedness planning for emergency responses to natural and man-made disasters, including pandemics. Issues to be examined include: (1) private sector assistance to governmental entities responding to disasters; (2) plans for state and local legislative bodies to continue to function during disasters, including lines of succession; (3) responsibility for evacuating hospitals and long-term care facilities; (4) the ability for products such as food and first aid supplies to reach markets during disasters; (5) alternative transportation plans for supplies; (6) responsibility for keeping civil order during disasters; (7) responsibility for caring for medically needy persons during disasters; (8) dissemination of information to the public during disasters if regular modes of communication are unavailable; (9) coordination of resources in rural areas through regional plans; and (10) effectiveness of mutual aid agreements, with an emphasis on interstate mutual aid agreements, and liability issues under these agreements.

September 13, 2006 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

October 11, 2006 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

November 16, 2006 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

December 13, 2006 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

January 10, 2007 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

February 14, 2007 Meeting [ Notice | Agenda | Minutes ]

March 12, 2007 Mail Ballot

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