2020 Symposia Series on Early Access to Autism Treatment

Legislative Council Staff

Brian Larson

Andrea Brauer

Hearing Notices


  • The Symposia Series on Early Access to Autism Treatment will present information on barriers to Wisconsin families/children in accessing early diagnosis and treatment of autism. The symposia will include a review of current state Medicaid policies and a discussion on the availability of autism treatment providers throughout the state. The symposia will identify options for enhancing access to early diagnosis of autism and promoting treatment that is based on evidence-based medical practices.

Week 1 - Early Childhood Autism Screening and Diagnosis September 8, 2020 2:00 p.m. [ Notice ]

Week 2 - Access to Early Behavioral Treatment September 15, 2020 2:00 p.m. [ Notice ]

Week 3 - Individual and Family Experiences and Pathways to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Support September 22, 2020 2:00 p.m.

Week 4 - Policies Affecting Payment for Autism-Related Services September 29, 2020 2:00 p.m.