Assembly and Senate Journals
1995 to 2004

Legislative Reference Bureau   October 2004
This file contains, in alphabetical sequence by subject, all rulings of the chair found in the electronic records of the Assembly and Senate Journals for the sessions from 1995-06 through 2003-04.
Some of the rulings are shown including a "[Note:]". These notes were written by Peter J. Dykman, General Counsel of the Legislative Reference Bureau, to summarize the issue or to alert the reader to a subsequent change in the provision (constitution, statute, rule) on which the ruling was based.
I want to thank those at the Legislative Technology Services Bureau who worked on the development of the program that I used to search the journals, extract the points of order and rulings, and display them in the same format that was used for the previous edition. All that time-consuming technical work was done manually to create the previous edition. That left me with only some minor technical work and the tasks of indexing the rulings by subject and writing the notes.
When a single ruling deals with more than one issue, the ruling is displayed under each appropriate subject heading.
Each subject begins with the most recent ruling and continues, by date, to the oldest ruling found. For each biennial session, Assembly rulings are displayed preceding the Senate rulings.
The following subject headings are used in this edition and are almost identical to those in the previous edition:
Absence from daily session: leave required
Adjourn or recess, motion to
Administrative rules: legislative review of
Adverse disposition: defeated proposal not to start again in same house
Adverse disposition: repetition of motion on same day not permitted
Amendments: not in proper form
Amendments: sequence of considering
Appointment by governor: senate advice and consent
Banking bills: 2/3 vote required (obsolete April 1981)
Bills that may not be amended
Budget bills (and budget review bills)
Budget out of balance
Call of this house: business continues except on the specific question
Call of this house: motion to raise
Call of this house: repetitive calls dilatory
Chamber: admission to floor of
Chamber: conduct in chamber during session
Citations by the legislature
Committee of the whole: procedures relating to
Compensation: no increase after service rendered (art. IV, sec. 26)
Concurrence in amendment by other house: permitted procedures
Conference committee: procedures relating to
Constitutional amendment (procedure on joint resolution proposing)
Constitutionality of proposal (chair cannot rule on)
Cosponsors on bills, joint resolutions, citations
Debate: conduct during
Debate: questions that are not debatable
Debate: remarks limited to question before body
Debate: time limit on
Debt management: referral of proposal to joint survey committee on
Delayed calendar: sequence of completion
Delayed calendar: time limit on debate
Dilatory procedures
Division of question
Emergency statement (to pass appropriation bill before budget)
Enrolled bills: procedure for
Expunction of prior action
Extraordinary session: conduct of
Finance: referral of proposal to joint committee on
Finance: report of proposal by committee of one house
Fiscal estimate: general
Fiscal estimate: not required
Fiscal estimate: required
Fiscal estimate: required on original bill only
Fiscal estimate: revised estimate (when requested by Joint Finance)
Fiscal estimate: revised general fund summary for "major fiscal bill"
Germaneness: amendment to amendment (germane to amendment and proposal)
Germaneness: appropriation to implement intent (addition permitted)
Germaneness: expanding scope of proposal (not permitted)
Germaneness: general