Working papers, ownership of, 442.13
accounts and accounting ACCOUNTS AND ACCOUNTING
For provisions relating to accounts made by a particular person or entity, refer to the specific subject of interest, e.g., Guardianships or Counties
acid rain ACID RAIN
Nitrogen oxide emission, goal, major utilities, 285.47
Sulfur dioxide emission:
Goals, major utilities and large air contaminant sources, 285.45
Limitations for major utilities, 285.41
Rates, state-owned facilities, 285.43
Reporting by DNR, 285.11 (12)
acknowledgments ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
Authentication, 706.06
Clerk of land office may take, 24.04
Commissioner of deeds may take, 137.02
Judges may take, 757.02
Notarial acts:
Attestation, 137.01 (4)
Uniform law, 706.07
Real estate conveyances:
Acknowledged conveyance as evidence, 889.23
Authentication, 706.06
Conveyance not acknowledged, proof, 889.24 to 889.242
Notarial acts, 706.07
acquittal ACQUITTAL
actions affecting family ACTIONS AFFECTING FAMILY
actions by and against certain entities ACTIONS BY AND AGAINST CERTAIN ENTITIES
Estates, generally, Ch. 877
State, generally, IV, 27; Ch. 775
For detailed analysis, see State—2. Actions By and Against
acupuncture ACUPUNCTURE
Applicability, 451.02
Billing and insurance claim forms, standardization, 632.725
Certification, 451.04
Definitions, 451.01
Disciplinary proceedings and actions, 451.14
Examination, 451.06
Infection control, 451.12
Patient health care records and confidentiality, see Medical Records
Penalties, 451.16
Reciprocal certificate, 451.08
Whistleblower protection, 146.997
addiction ADDICTION
adjustment service companies ADJUSTMENT SERVICE COMPANIES
Licensing, regulation, fees, 218.02
Review of commissioner's orders, 218.02 (9)
adjutant general ADJUTANT GENERAL
See Military
administration department ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT
Generally, Ch. 16
Absentee's insurance fund, 813.31
Accounts audited by legislative audit bureau, 13.94 (1) (c)
Administrative code and register, duties, 35.93
Aging and long-term care board, see Aging and Older Persons
American Indian reservations, technical assistance for economic development, 16.29
Annexation, review by department, 66.0217 (6)
Appropriations, 20.505
Capital improvement debt authorized, 20.866 (2) (wr), (ws)
Blue Book, duties, 35.24
Bovine tuberculosis testing equipment, sale, 95.25 (3)
Bradley center sports and entertainment corporation, 16.005
See also Bradley Center
Budget schedule and summaries, revising, 20.004
Building commission:
Assistance to, 13.48 (5)
Plans, leases, approval, 13.482
Buildings, department controlled; rules for maintenance and use, 16.846
Business development office:
Creation, 15.105 (32)
Duties, 16.28