Supplementary remedies against judgment debtors, see Executions
Unemployment insurance exempt, exceptions, 108.13
Ward, not to incur on land purchase, 786.12
Worker's compensation exempt, exceptions, 102.27
credit corporations CREDIT CORPORATIONS
Business development credit corporations, Ch. 225
For detailed analysis, see Business Development Credit Corporations
credit unions CREDIT UNIONS
creeks CREEKS
See Waterways
cremation CREMATION
crime laboratories CRIME LABORATORIES
Employees as witnesses, 165.79
Disposal of, 165.81
Privileged, 165.79
Firearms and ammunition, seized; return or disposal, 968.20
Location, 165.75 (2)
Operation, 165.75 (4)
Personnel, 165.75 (2)
Preliminary examination, report of findings, 970.03 (12)
Purpose, 165.75 (3)
Services, 165.75 (3)
Surcharge for, 165.755
University facilities and staff, 165.80
Witness fees, 165.79
criminal code CRIMINAL CODE
Generally, Chs. 939 to 951
Note: Included under this head is an analysis of the provisions included by the legislature in the Criminal Code, and closely related material. Statutes whose violation may result in criminal penalties, but are not included in the Criminal Code, are indexed according to their general subject matter. For non-Criminal Code penalty provisions, see Penalties and Fines.
Generally, Ch. 939
Accused, rights of, 939.70 to 939.74
Act punishable as several crimes, 939.65
Aiding and abetting, 939.05
Aiding or harboring felon, 946.47
Application of ch. 939, 939.20
Attempt, 939.32
As included crime, 939.66
Precludes conviction of completed crime, 939.72
Burden of proof, 939.70
Common-law crimes abolished, 939.10
Common-law penalties abolished, 939.61
Conspiracy, 939.31
Double conviction for completed and inchoate crime, prohibited, 939.72
Withdrawal from, party to, 939.05
Contributory negligence of victim, no defense, 939.14
Limitation on number, 939.71
Necessary before penalty, 939.73
Crime, defined, 939.12
Criminal code, name, interpretation, 939.01
Criminal procedure, see Criminal Procedure
Defenses to criminal liability:
Coercion, 939.46
Defense of property, 939.49
Intoxication, 939.42
Mental disease or defect, 971.15
Mistake, 939.43
Necessity, 939.47
Privilege, 939.45
Provocation, 939.44
Self-defense, 939.48
Victim's criminal conduct, negligence, no defense, 939.14
Definitions, 939.20 to 939.25
Double jeopardy, 939.71, 939.72
Classification, penalties, 939.50
Defined, 939.60
Defined for repeater statute, 939.62
Foreign criminal acts, jurisdiction, 939.03
Classified, penalties, 939.52