103.001   Definitions.
103.005   Powers, duties and jurisdiction of department.
103.007   Local regulation of hours of labor and overtime; statewide concern; uniformity.
103.01   Hours of labor; definitions.
103.02   Hours of labor.
103.025   Hours of labor; compensatory time.
103.03   Violations; penalty.
103.04   Labor and industry review commission.
103.05   Hiring reporting system; state directory of new hires.
103.06   Worker classification compliance.
103.10   Family or medical leave.
103.11   Bone marrow and organ donation leave.
103.12   Local regulation of employment benefits; statewide concern; uniformity.
103.13   Records open to employee.
103.14   Grooming requirement; notification.
103.15   Restrictions on use of an HIV test.
103.16   Seats for employees; penalty.
103.165   Employee's cash bonds to be held in trust; duty of employer; penalty.
103.17   Mutual forfeit.
103.18   Threat or promise to influence vote.
103.20   Penalty.
103.21   Street trades; definitions.
103.22   General standards and powers of the department.
103.23   Age minimum.
103.24   Hours of work.
103.245   Designation of a permit officer.
103.25   Permits and identification cards.
103.26   Refusal or revocation of permits and identification cards.
103.27   Duties of employers of minors in street trades.
103.275   Duties of employers in house-to-house street trades.
103.28   Enforcement.
103.29   Penalties.
103.30   Penalty on newspapers for allowing minors to loiter around premises.
103.31   Penalty on parent or guardian.
103.32   Recovery of arrears of wages.
103.33   Discriminatory acts; street trades.
103.34   Regulation of traveling sales crews.
103.35   Information required for licensure.
103.36   Employer right to solicit salary information of prospective employees; statewide concern; uniformity.
103.37   Certain requirements to obtaining employment prohibited.
103.38   Eight-hour work day; applicability.
103.43   Fraudulent advertising for labor.
103.45   Time checks; penalty.
103.455   Deductions for faulty workmanship, loss, theft or damage.
103.457   Listing deductions from wages.
103.46   Contracts; promises to withdraw from or not to join labor, employers' or cooperative organizations are void.
103.465   Restrictive covenants in employment contracts.
103.503   Substance abuse prevention on public works and public utility projects.
103.505   Collective bargaining; definitions.
103.51   Public policy as to collective bargaining.
103.52   “Yellow-dog" contracts.
103.53   Lawful conduct in labor disputes.
103.535   Unlawful conduct in labor controversies.
103.54   Responsibility for unlawful acts.
103.545   Recruitment of strikebreakers.
103.55   Public policy as to labor litigation.
103.56   Injunctions: conditions of issuance; restraining orders.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 33 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on September 14, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after September 14, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 9-14-23)