111.02   Definitions.
111.04   Rights of employees.
111.05   Representatives and elections.
111.06   What are unfair labor practices.
111.07   Prevention of unfair labor practices.
111.08   Financial reports to employees.
111.09   Rules, orders, transcripts, training programs and fees.
111.10   Arbitration.
111.11   Mediation.
111.115   Notice of certain proposed strikes.
111.12   Duties of the attorney general and district attorneys.
111.14   Penalty.
111.15   Construction of subchapter I.
111.17   Conflict of provisions; effect.
111.18   Limit on payment to health care institutions.
111.19   Title of subchapter I.
111.31   Declaration of policy.
111.32   Definitions.
111.3205   Franchisors excluded.
111.321   Prohibited bases of discrimination.
111.322   Discriminatory actions prohibited.
111.325   Unlawful to discriminate.
111.33   Age; exceptions and special cases.
111.335   Arrest or conviction record; exceptions and special cases.
111.337   Creed; exceptions and special cases.
111.34   Disability; exceptions and special cases.
111.345   Marital status; exceptions and special cases.
111.35   Use or nonuse of lawful products; exceptions and special cases.
111.355   Military service; exceptions and special cases.
111.36   Sex, sexual orientation; exceptions and special cases.
111.365   Communication of opinions; exceptions and special cases.
111.37   Use of honesty testing devices in employment situations.
111.371   Local ordinance; collective bargaining agreements.
111.372   Use of genetic testing in employment situations.
111.375   Department to administer.
111.38   Investigation and study of discrimination.
111.39   Powers and duties of department.
111.395   Judicial review.
111.50   Declaration of policy.
111.51   Definitions.
111.52   Settlement of labor disputes through collective bargaining and arbitration.
111.53   Appointment of conciliators and arbitrators.
111.54   Conciliation.
111.55   Conciliator unable to effect settlement; appointment of arbitrators.
111.56   Existing state of affairs to be maintained.
111.57   Arbitrator to hold hearings.
111.58   Standards for arbitration.
111.59   Filing order with clerk of circuit court; period effective; retroactivity.
111.60   Judicial review of order of arbitrator.
111.61   Commission to establish rules.
111.62   Strikes, work stoppages, slowdowns, lockouts, unlawful; penalty.
2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2021 Wis. Act 31, through all Orders of the Controlled Substances Board filed before and in effect on June 2, 2021, and through all Supreme Court Orders filed before and in effect on April 15, 2021. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after June 2, 2021, other than those made by Supreme Court Order No. 20-07, are designated by NOTES. (Published 6-2-21)