13.67 13.67 Identification of legislative and administrative proposals and topics.
13.67(1)(1)Except as authorized under s. 13.621, no person may engage in lobbying as a lobbyist on behalf of a principal and no principal may authorize a lobbyist to engage in lobbying on its behalf unless the principal reports to the commission, in such manner as the commission may prescribe, each legislative proposal, budget bill subject and proposed administrative rule number in connection with which the principal has made or intends to make a lobbying communication or, if the lobbying does not relate to a legislative proposal or proposed administrative rule that has been numbered or a budget bill subject, each topic of a lobbying communication made or intended to be made by the principal. A principal shall describe any topic of a lobbying communication with reasonable specificity, sufficient to identify the subject matter of the lobbying communication and whether the communication is an attempt to influence legislative or administrative action, or both. The principal shall file the report no later than the end of the 15th day after the date on which the principal makes a lobbying communication with respect to a legislative proposal, proposed administrative rule, budget bill subject or other topic not previously reported by the principal under this section during the biennial period for which the principal is registered. The report shall be made by a person who is identified by the principal under s. 13.64 (1) (e).
13.67(2) (2)Any person who is not a principal may, upon payment of the fee prescribed under s. 13.75 (1g) (e), register with the commission an interest in any legislative proposal, proposed administrative rule, budget bill subject or other topic.
13.67 History History: 1997 a. 186; 1999 a. 9; 2015 a. 118 s. 266 (10); 2017 a. 366.
13.67 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ss. ETH 16.03 and 16.04, Wis. adm. code.
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