134.01   Injury to business; restraint of will.
134.02   Blacklisting and coercion of employees.
134.03   Preventing pursuit of work.
134.04   Sale of certain merchandise by employers to employees prohibited; penalty.
134.05   Bribery of agent, etc.
134.06   Bonus to chauffeurs for purchases, forbidden.
134.10   Invading right to choose insurance agent or insurer by persons engaged in financing.
134.11   Invading of right to choose insurance agent or insurer by persons engaged in selling property.
134.15   Issuing and using what is not money; contracts void.
134.16   Fraudulently receiving deposits.
134.17   Corporate name, recording, amendment, discontinuance, unlawful use.
134.18   Use of, evidence of obtaining credit.
134.19   Fraud on exemption laws.
134.20   Fraudulent issuance or use of warehouse receipts or bills of lading.
134.205   Warehouse keepers to keep register; liability for damages; penalty for fraud.
134.21   Penalty for unauthorized presentation of dramatic plays, etc.
134.23   Motion picture fair practices.
134.245   Definitions.
134.25   Misbranding of gold articles.
134.26   Misbranding of sterling silver articles.
134.27   Misbranding of coin silver articles.
134.28   Misbranding of base silver articles.
134.29   Testing of silver articles.
134.30   Misbranding of gold plated articles.
134.31   Misbranding of silver-plated articles.
134.32   Penalty for violations of ss. 134.25 to 134.31.
134.33   Platinum stamping.
134.34   Duplication of vessel hulls and parts.
134.345   Form retention and disposal.
134.35   Time of filing endorsed on telegrams delivered.
134.36   Telegraph; divulging message; preference in sending, etc.
134.37   Divulging message or forging receipt.
134.38   Companies to post copies of s. 134.37.
134.39   Fraudulent knowledge of dispatch; injury to wires; interference.
134.405   Purchase and sale of certain scrap material.
134.41   Poles and wires on private property without owner's consent.
134.43   Privacy and cable television.
134.45   Contracts restricting days for exhibiting motion picture films; penalty.
134.46   Exhibition of explicit sexual material at outdoor theater.
134.48   Contracts for the display of free newspapers.
134.49   Renewals and extensions of business contracts.
134.50   Poultry dealing regulations.
134.52   Shipment of chickens.
134.53   Transportation and sale of cattle.
134.57   Detectives, settlement with employees.
134.58   Use of unauthorized persons as officers.
134.59   Felons, burglar alarm installation.
134.60   Cutting or transportation of evergreens.
134.63   Nitrous oxide; restrictions on sales; records of certain sales; labeling.
134.65   Cigarette and tobacco products retailer license.
134.66   Restrictions on sale or gift of cigarettes or nicotine or tobacco products.
134.69   Peddling finger alphabet cards prohibited.
134.695   Antique dealers and recyclers.
134.71   Pawnbrokers and secondhand article and jewelry dealers.
134.715   Flea markets; proof of ownership, receipts, returns.
134.72   Prohibition of certain unsolicited messages by facsimile machine.
134.73   Identification of prisoner making telephone solicitation.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 39 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 29, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 29, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-29-23)