140.02(9) (9) Fees. Except when the department has established different fees as provided in s. 140.27 (1) (a) 1., a notary public shall be allowed the following fees:
140.02(9)(a) (a) For drawing and copy of protest of the nonpayment of a promissory note or bill of exchange, or of the nonacceptance of such bill, not more than $5 in the cases where by law such protest is necessary, but in no other case.
140.02(9)(b) (b) For drawing and copy of every other protest, not more than $5.
140.02(9)(c) (c) For drawing, copying and serving every notice of nonpayment of a note or bill, or nonacceptance of a bill, not more than $5.
140.02(9)(d) (d) For drawing any affidavit, or other paper or proceeding for which provision is not herein made, not more than $5 for each folio, and for copying the same 12 cents per folio.
140.02(9)(e) (e) For taking the acknowledgment of deeds, and for other services authorized by law, the same fees as are allowed to other officers for similar services, but the fee per document shall not exceed $5.
140.02 Annotation “All the damages" in former s. 137.01 (8) [now sub. (8)] incorporates the American rule of damages that attorney fees are not recoverable by a prevailing party unless certain exceptions apply. Bank One, Wisconsin v. Koch, 2002 WI App 176, 256 Wis. 2d 618, 649 N.W.2d 339, 01-2174.
140.02 Annotation The residency requirement under former s. 137.01 (1) and (2) [now subs. (1) and (2)] is constitutional. 74 Atty. Gen. 221.
140.02 Annotation Protecting the Privacy of Notary Public Records. Closen & Orsinger. Wis. Law. Mar. 2002.
140.02 Annotation Notary Public Title Incurs Responsibility. Nelson. Wis. Law. June 2002.
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