157.01   Rules for preparation, transportation and disposition.
157.02   Disposal of unclaimed corpses.
157.03   Restrictions on use of bodies for anatomical purposes; embalming such bodies; delivery of bodies to relatives.
157.04   Penalty.
157.05   Autopsy.
157.055   Disposal of human remains during state of emergency relating to public health.
157.06   Anatomical gifts.
157.061   Definitions.
157.062   Cemetery associations; creation; powers and duties.
157.064   Cemetery associations and religious associations; holding property; change of ownership.
157.065   Location and ownership of cemeteries.
157.067   Connection with funeral establishment prohibited.
157.07   Platting.
157.08   Conveyances.
157.10   Alienation, disposition, and use of cemetery lots and mausoleum spaces.
157.11   Improvement and care of cemetery lots and grounds.
157.111   Opening and closing of burial places.
157.112   Reburial of human remains by a cemetery authority.
157.113   Permission to place cremated human remains in a cemetery.
157.114   Duty to provide for burials.
157.115   Abandonment of cemeteries and cemetery lots.
157.12   Mausoleums.
157.123   Columbaria maintained by religious associations.
157.125   Trustees for the care of cemeteries or cemetery lots.
157.128   Minimum acreage requirement for cemetery established on or after November 1, 1991.
157.129   Minimum acreage of cemeteries; local ordinance.
157.19   Deposit and investment of care funds and preneed trust funds.
157.50   Municipal cemeteries.
157.60   Public easement in cemetery.
157.62   Reporting; record keeping; audits.
157.625   Reporting exemption for certain cemeteries.
157.63   Reporting and auditing exemptions; certification of compliance of cemetery organized and operated by, or affiliated with, a religious association.
157.635   Regulations of cemetery organized and operated by, or affiliated with, a religious association.
157.637   Veteran burials.
157.64   Penalties.
157.65   Enforcement.
157.70   Burial sites preservation.
Ch. 157 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See s. 69.18 for 1) registration of deaths; 2) medical certification; 3) disposition of corpse or stillbirth; and 4) disinterment and reinterment.
subch. I of ch. 157 SUBCHAPTER I
157.01 157.01 Rules for preparation, transportation and disposition. The department of health services shall make, and delegate to the funeral directors examining board the enforcement of, rules not inconsistent with ch. 445 covering the control of communicable diseases and sanitary and health regulations in the preparation, transportation and disposition of dead human bodies.
157.01 History History: 1975 c. 39; 1979 c. 175 s. 53; 1979 c. 221 ss. 658, 2202 (45); 1983 a. 485; 1985 a. 315; 1985 a. 316 s. 14; Stats. 1985 s. 157.01; 1995 a. 27 s. 9126 (19); 2007 a. 20 s. 9121 (6) (a).
157.01 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. DHS 135 and 136, Wis. adm. code.
157.02 157.02 Disposal of unclaimed corpses.
157.02(1g)(1g)Definition. In this section, “burial" has the meaning given in s. 157.061 (1).
157.02(1r) (1r) Notice to relatives.
157.02(1r)(am)(am) When an inmate of any state, county or municipal institution dies, the superintendent or other person in charge of the institution shall immediately notify a relative of the decedent. A public officer having the possession or the disposition of a corpse shall immediately notify a relative of the decedent. If no relative is known, or discoverable by use of ordinary diligence, notice may be dispensed with.
157.02(1r)(b) (b) If the deceased had been an inmate of a state correctional institution, the department of corrections shall provide written notification to the relative informing him or her that the department of corrections, upon request, will do any or all of the following:
157.02(1r)(b)1. 1. Provide a copy of any autopsy report or other report or information pertaining to the death.
157.02(1r)(b)2. 2. Allow the relative to claim the cremated remains of the inmate before burial of the remains.
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