17.001   Definition.
17.01   Resignations to whom made; when effective.
17.015   Municipal judge: multiple resignations.
17.02   Notice of resignations.
17.025   Temporary vacancies.
17.03   Vacancies, how caused.
17.035   Vacancies; military leaves.
17.05   Governor may declare vacancies.
17.06   Removal of state officers; impeachment; address.
17.07   Removals; legislative and appointive state officers.
17.08   Suspension of receiver of moneys.
17.09   Removal of elective county officers.
17.10   Removal of appointive county officers.
17.11   Suspension of district attorney or sheriff.
17.12   Removal and suspension of city officers.
17.13   Removal of village, town, town sanitary district, school district, and technical college officers.
17.14   Removal; assessors; boards of review; county boards; procedure.
17.15   Removals; other officers.
17.16   Removals; definition; procedure; disqualification.
17.17   Notice of vacancies.
17.18   Vacancies, U.S. senator and representative in congress; how filled.
17.19   Vacancies, elective state offices; how filled.
17.20   Vacancies in appointive state offices; how filled; terms.
17.21   Vacancies in elective county offices; how filled; term.
17.22   Vacancies in appointive county offices; how filled.
17.23   Vacancies in city offices; how filled.
17.24   Vacancies in village offices.
17.245   New city, village or town office, filling.
17.25   Vacancies in town offices; how filled.
17.26   Vacancies in school boards; how filled.
17.27   Vacancies in other offices; how filled.
17.275   Records of applicants for elective positions.
17.28   When officers may hold office.
17.285   Temporary vacancies; elections.
17.29   Effect of chapter.
17.001 17.001 Definition. In this chapter, unless qualified, “ cause" means inefficiency, neglect of duty, official misconduct, or malfeasance in office.
17.001 History History: 2001 a. 103 s. 21.
17.01 17.01 Resignations to whom made; when effective. Resignations of public officers shall be made as follows:
17.01(1) (1)By the governor, lieutenant governor or any officer appointed by the legislature, to the legislature, if in session; otherwise by the governor or lieutenant governor, to the secretary of state, and by an officer appointed by the legislature, to the governor.
17.01(2) (2)By the secretary of state, treasurer, attorney general, state superintendent, by a district attorney and by all officers appointed by the governor alone or by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the senate, to the governor.
17.01(3) (3)By senators and members of the assembly, to the presiding officers of their respective houses, who shall immediately transmit the same to the governor, and to the governor during the recess of the legislature.
17.01(4) (4)By the justices of the supreme court, court of appeals judges and circuit judges, to the governor.
17.01(5) (5)By a sheriff, to the county clerk, who shall immediately transmit notice thereof to the governor.
17.01(6) (6)By a clerk of the circuit court, to the circuit judge.
17.01(7) (7)By a county supervisor, county clerk, county treasurer, coroner, register of deeds or county surveyor, to the sheriff, who shall immediately transmit a notice thereof, in case of a coroner or register of deeds, to the governor; and in case of a county supervisor, county clerk, county treasurer or surveyor, to the chairperson of the county board; and after such notices the sheriff shall file such resignations with the county clerk.
17.01(8) (8)By the mayor or alderperson or council member of a city, however organized, to the council; by other elective officers thereof, to the mayor; and by other city officers, to the officer or body having power to appoint in their stead.
17.01(9) (9)By a town officer, to the town board.
17.01(10) (10)By officers of a village, however organized, to the village board.
17.01(11) (11)By a school district officer, to the district board.
17.01(12) (12)By all other officers, to the officer or body having power to appoint in their stead.
17.01(13) (13)Resignations shall be made in writing, shall be addressed and delivered to the officer or body prescribed in this section and shall take effect, in the case of an officer who is not a school district officer and whose term of office continues by law until a successor is chosen and qualifies, upon the qualification of the successor; and in the case of other officers including school district officers, at the time indicated in the written resignation, or if no time is therein indicated, then upon delivery of the written resignation. If the governor or the state superintendent of public instruction makes a provisional appointment under s. 17.20 (2) and the appointee files the required oath of office, the appointee qualifies for office, unless the appointment is withdrawn or rejected. Delivery of a resignation shall be made by leaving a copy thereof with the officer to whom it is required to be addressed and delivered at his or her public office or usual place of business, or if required to be addressed and delivered to a body, by leaving a copy with the following officer at his or her public office or usual place of business:
17.01(13)(a) (a) If required to be addressed and delivered to the legislature, with the presiding officer of each house, or if required to be addressed and delivered to but one house, to the presiding officer of that house.
17.01(13)(b) (b) If required to be addressed and delivered to the county board, city council or to the village, town or school board, to the clerk thereof, except the resignation of the county, city, village, town or school district clerk which shall be delivered to the chairperson of the county board, mayor, village president, town chairperson, or president, as the case may be.
17.01(13)(c) (c) If required to be addressed and delivered to any other body, to the secretary or clerk thereof, if any, and if none, to any member of such body.
17.01 Annotation Conditional resignations are permissible under this section. In sub. (13), “time" refers to the “point when something occurs." Ortin v. Schuett, 157 Wis. 2d 415, 459 N.W.2d 596 (Ct. App. 1990).
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