182.001   Corporations and trusts prohibited from owning or carrying on farming operations.
182.004   Housing corporations.
182.005   Water reservoirs.
182.007   Charitable corporations and community funds, amending articles.
182.01   Business records; other duties of department of financial institutions.
182.011   Corporate powers.
182.012   Special power to transfer property of nonstock corporation.
182.0135   Public utility corporation directors; not to delegate duty to manage; removal by commission.
182.016   River improvement corporations may flow lands.
182.017   Transmission lines; privileges; damages.
182.0175   Damage to transmission facilities.
182.018   Wires over railroads.
182.019   Damages for nondelivery of message or power.
182.020   Driving park corporation.
182.021   Gun clubs.
182.025   Mortgages.
182.026   Boards of trade.
182.027   Lyceum, libraries and art galleries.
182.028   School corporations.
182.029   Universities and colleges may unite.
182.030   Corporations having church affiliations.
182.031   Railway equipment companies.
182.104   Title to property after dissolution.
182.202   Mutual telecommunications company; quorum; proxies.
182.219   Mutual telecommunications company; dividends.
182.220   Examination by attorney general and legislature.
182.23   Facsimile signatures on corporate obligations.
182.24   Transfers from joint tenants.
182.25   Stock transfers on books, how compelled.
182.30   Turnpike act; title.
182.31   Definitions.
182.32   General powers.
182.33   Additional powers.
182.34   Issuance of bonds.
182.35   Acquisition of lands and interests therein.
182.36   Authority to construct grade separations and relocate public roads, streets, highways, railroads and public utilities.
182.37   Rights of public utilities.
182.38   Entry upon lands.
182.39   Use of state lands.
182.40   Toll exemptions.
182.41   Corporation to be nonprofit.
182.42   Not to be considered public utilities.
182.43   Underpass authorized.
182.44   Limitations on powers.
182.45   Reports.
182.46   Tax exemptions.
182.47   Motor vehicle laws to apply.
182.48   State may acquire.
182.50   Establishment of foreign trade zones.
182.70   Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company.
182.71   The Chippewa and Flambeau Improvement Company.
182.001 182.001 Corporations and trusts prohibited from owning or carrying on farming operations.
182.001(1)(1)Prohibition. No corporation or trust may own land on which to carry on farming operations under sub. (3) or carry on farming operations under sub. (3), unless the corporation or trust meets the following standards:
182.001(1)(a) (a) Its shareholders or beneficiaries do not exceed 15 in number. Lineal ancestors and lineal descendants, whether by blood or by adoption, and aunts, uncles and 1st cousins thereof count collectively as one shareholder or beneficiary for purposes of this paragraph, but this collective authorization shall not be used for more than one family in a single corporation or trust.
182.001(1)(b) (b) It does not have more than 2 classes of shares.
182.001(1)(c) (c) All its shareholders or beneficiaries, other than any estate, are natural persons.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 93 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on April 4, 2024. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after April 4, 2024, are designated by NOTES. (Published 4-4-24)