183.0801   Admission of members.
183.0802   Events of dissociation.
183.0901   Dissolution.
183.0902   Judicial dissolution.
183.09025   Administrative dissolution and reinstatement.
183.0903   Winding up.
183.0904   Agency power of managers or members after dissolution.
183.0905   Distribution of assets.
183.0906   Articles of dissolution.
183.0907   Known claims against dissolved limited liability company.
183.0908   Unknown or contingent claims against dissolved limited liability company.
183.0909   Enforcing claims.
183.1001   Law governing.
183.1002   Registration required.
183.1003   Consequences of transacting business without registration.
183.1004   Application for certificate of registration.
183.1005   Name.
183.1006   Amended certificate of registration.
183.1007   Registered office and registered agent of foreign limited liability company.
183.1008   Change of registered office or registered agent of foreign limited liability company.
183.1009   Resignation of registered agent of foreign limited liability company.
183.1010   Service on foreign limited liability company.
183.1011   Withdrawal of registration.
183.1020   Grounds for revocation.
183.1021   Procedure for and effect of revocation.
183.1022   Appeal from revocation.
183.1101   Authority to sue on behalf of limited liability company.
183.1102   Effect of lack of authority to sue.
183.1200   Definitions.
183.1201   Merger.
183.1202   Approval of merger.
183.1203   Plan of merger.
183.1204   Articles of merger.
183.1205   Effects of merger.
183.1206   Right to object.
183.1207   Conversion.
183.1301   Execution by judicial act.
183.1302   Rules of construction.
183.1303   Securities law application.
183.1305   Interstate application.
subch. I of ch. 183 SUBCHAPTER I
183.0102 183.0102 Definitions. In this chapter, except as otherwise provided:
183.0102(1) (1)“Articles of organization" means articles filed under s. 183.0201, and those articles as amended or restated.
183.0102(2) (2)“Corporation" includes a domestic corporation and a foreign corporation.
183.0102(3) (3)“Court" includes every court having jurisdiction in the case.
183.0102(3m) (3m)“Department" means the department of financial institutions.
183.0102(4) (4)“Distribution" means a direct or indirect transfer by a limited liability company of money or other property, other than an interest in the limited liability company, to or for the benefit of its members in respect of their interests.
183.0102(5) (5)“Domestic corporation" has the meaning given in s. 180.0103 (5).
183.0102(6) (6)“Event of dissociation" means an event that causes a person to cease to be a member, as provided in s. 183.0802.
183.0102(7) (7)“Foreign corporation" has the meaning given in s. 180.0103 (9).
183.0102(8) (8)“Foreign limited liability company" means an organization that is all of the following:
183.0102(8)(a) (a) An unincorporated association.
183.0102(8)(b) (b) Organized under a law other than the laws of this state.
183.0102(8)(c) (c) Organized under a statute pursuant to which an association may be formed that affords to each of its members limited liability with respect to the liabilities of the entity.
183.0102(8)(d) (d) Not required to be registered or organized under any statute of this state other than this chapter.
183.0102(9) (9)“Foreign limited partnership" has the meaning given in s. 179.01 (4).
183.0102(10) (10)“Limited liability company" or “domestic limited liability company" means, except as provided in s. 183.1201 (1), an organization formed under this chapter.
183.0102(11) (11)“Limited liability company interest", “interest in the limited liability company" or “member's interest" means a member's rights in the limited liability company, including the member's share of the profits and losses of the limited liability company, the member's right to receive distributions of limited liability company assets, and the member's right to vote or participate in management of the limited liability company.
183.0102(12) (12)“Limited partnership" has the meaning given in s. 179.01 (7).
183.0102(13) (13)“Manager" or “managers" means, with respect to a limited liability company that has set forth in its articles of organization that it is to be managed by one or more managers, the person or persons designated in accordance with s. 183.0401.
183.0102(15) (15)“Member" means a person who has been admitted to membership in a limited liability company as provided in s. 183.0801 and who has not dissociated from the limited liability company.
183.0102(16) (16)“Operating agreement" means an agreement in writing, if any, among all of the members as to the conduct of the business of a limited liability company and its relationships with its members.
183.0102(17) (17)“Organizer" means the person who signs and delivers the articles of organization for filing to the department.
183.0102(18) (18)“Person" includes an individual, a partnership, a domestic or foreign limited liability company, a trust, an estate, an association, a corporation or any other legal or commercial entity.
183.0102(19) (19)“State" includes a state, territory or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia or the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
183.0102 History History: 1993 a. 112; 1995 a. 27, 97.
183.0102 Annotation Wisconsin's Limited Liability Company. Emerging Issues and Prospects for the Future. Levinoff. 78 MLR 757.
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183.0103 183.0103 Name.
183.0103(1)(1)The name of a limited liability company as set forth in its articles of organization must contain the words “limited liability company" or “limited liability co." or end with the abbreviation “L.L.C." or “LLC". The name may not contain language stating or implying that the limited liability company is organized for any purpose other than that permitted under s. 183.0106 (1).
183.0103(2) (2)Except as provided in sub. (4), the name of a domestic limited liability company shall be distinguishable upon the records of the department from all of the following names:
183.0103(2)(a) (a) The name of any other limited liability company, a corporation, a nonstock corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, a cooperative association, or an unincorporated cooperative association existing under the laws of this state.
183.0103(2)(b) (b) The name of any foreign limited liability company, foreign corporation, foreign nonstock corporation, foreign limited partnership, foreign limited liability partnership, foreign cooperative association, or foreign unincorporated cooperative association, or the designated, registered or fictitious name under which any such entity is licensed to transact business in this state.
183.0103(2)(c) (c) Any name reserved or registered under ch. 179, 180, 181, 185, or 193.
183.0103(3) (3)The name of a limited liability company is not distinguishable from a name referred to in sub. (2) (a) to (c) if the only difference between it and the other name is the inclusion or absence of a word or words referred to in sub. (1) or of the words “corporation", “incorporated", “limited", “company", “limited partnership", “limited liability partnership" or “cooperative" or an abbreviation of these words.
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