185.01   Definitions.
185.02   Purposes.
185.03   General powers.
185.031   Refunds after forfeiture.
185.033   Restriction on changes to articles.
185.034   Definitions applicable to indemnification and insurance provisions.
185.035   Mandatory indemnification.
185.036   Determination of right to indemnification.
185.037   Allowance of expenses as incurred.
185.038   Additional rights to indemnification and allowance of expenses.
185.039   Court-ordered indemnification.
185.04   Indemnification and allowance of expenses of employees and agents.
185.041   Insurance.
185.042   Indemnification and insurance against securities law claims.
185.043   Incorporators.
185.045   Reserved or registered name.
185.05   Articles.
185.06   Organization meetings.
185.07   Bylaws.
185.08   Principal office; registered agent; service of process.
185.09   Promotion expense; limitation.
185.11   Membership.
185.12   Voting.
185.13   Member meetings.
185.14   Quorum.
185.15   Notice to members, stockholders or other persons; waiver.
185.21   Stock; authorization, issuance, control, use, rights.
185.22   Subscriptions for stock; liability therefor.
185.23   Missing securities or records.
185.24   Liability of cooperative for wrongful transfers of its securities.
185.25   Applicability of ch. 408 to cooperative securities.
185.31   Directors; number, election, removal and vacancies.
185.32   Directors; meetings, quorum and waiver of notice.
185.33   Executive committee.
185.34   Action without meeting by directors or members.
185.35   Officers.
185.36   Compensation and benefits to directors, officers and employees.
185.363   Reliance by directors or officers.
185.365   Consideration of interests in addition to members' and stockholders' interests.
185.367   Limited liability of directors and officers.
185.37   Liability of directors and members.
185.38   Disposition of assets; right to secure debts.
185.41   Cooperative contracts.
185.42   Recording of cooperative contracts; effect thereof.
185.43   Relief against breach or threatened breach.
185.44   Application of ss. 185.41 to 185.43; venue of action.
185.45   Apportionment and distribution of proceeds.
185.47   Financial books and records; penalty for refusal to produce.
185.48   Annual reports; filing thereof.
185.49   Omission of seal.
185.50   Income or franchise tax returns.
185.51   Amendments to articles.
185.52   Stockholder voting on amendments to articles.
185.53   Filing and recording amendments; effect thereof.
185.54   Restated articles.
185.55   Amendments by bankruptcy court.
185.61   Merger and consolidation.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 33 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on September 14, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after September 14, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 9-14-23)