348.01   Words and phrases defined.
348.02   Applicability of chapter.
348.03   Self-certification for agricultural commercial motor vehicles.
348.05   Width of vehicles.
348.06   Height of vehicles.
348.07   Length of vehicles.
348.08   Vehicle trains.
348.09   Projecting loads on side of vehicles.
348.10   Special limitations on load.
348.105   Transport of radiological materials.
348.11   Penalty for violating size and load limitations.
348.15   Weight limitations on class “A" highways.
348.16   Weight limitations on class “B" highways.
348.17   Special or seasonal weight limitations.
348.175   Seasonal operation of vehicles hauling peeled or unpeeled forest products cut crosswise or abrasives or salt for highway winter maintenance.
348.18   Weight limitations apply to publicly-owned vehicles; exceptions.
348.19   Traffic officers may weigh vehicles and require removal of excess load.
348.195   Weight records of raw forest products purchasers.
348.20   Policy in prosecuting weight violations.
348.21   Penalty for violating weight limitations.
348.22   Courts to report weight violation convictions.
348.25   General provisions relating to permits for vehicles and loads of excessive size and weight.
348.26   Single trip permits.
348.27   Annual, consecutive month or multiple trip permits.
348.28   Permits to be carried.
348.29   Weight limitations for certain permits.
348.295   Weight limitations for certain permits.
subch. I of ch. 348 SUBCHAPTER I
348.01 348.01 Words and phrases defined.
348.01(1)(1)Words and phrases defined in s. 340.01 are used in the same sense in this chapter unless a different definition is specifically provided.
348.01(2) (2)In this chapter the following terms have the designated meanings:
348.01(2)(a) (a) “Axle" includes all wheels of a vehicle imposing weight on the highway, the centers of which are included between 2 parallel transverse vertical planes less than 42 inches apart, extending across the full width of vehicle and load.
348.01(2)(am) (am) “Certified stationary scale" means a stationary scale which is tested and inspected annually for accuracy by the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection or other authorized testing agency in accordance with specifications, tolerances, standards and procedures established by the national institute of standards and technology and the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection for the testing and examination of scales.
348.01(2)(ar) (ar) “Consecutive month permit" means a permit issued for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.
348.01(2)(at) (at) “Double-decked bus" means a motor bus designed to carry passengers on an upper level throughout the length of the bus over passengers on a lower level throughout the length of the bus and the roof of which is permanently enclosed with rigid construction and extends throughout the length of the bus.
348.01(2)(au) (au) “Drive-away method in saddlemount combination" means a vehicle combination designed and specifically used to tow up to 3 trucks or truck tractors, each connected by a saddle to the frame or 5th-wheel of the forward vehicle of the truck or truck tractor in front of it, and including not more than one fullmount.
348.01(2)(av) (av) “Fender line", in the case of motor trucks, means the outermost limits of the rear fenders, flare boards or floor of the body, whichever projects outward the farthest.
348.01(2)(ax) (ax) “Forestry biomass" means byproducts and waste generated by the practice of forestry on forestry lands.
348.01(2)(ay) (ay) “Fullmount" means a smaller vehicle mounted completely on the frame of either the first or last vehicle in a saddlemount combination.
348.01(2)(b) (b) “Gross weight" means the weight of a vehicle or combination of vehicles equipped for service plus the weight of any load which the vehicle or combination of vehicles may be carrying.
348.01(2)(bc) (bc) “I 39 corridor" means that portion of I 39 between I 94 near the city of Portage and STH 29 south of the city of Wausau.
348.01(2)(bd) (bd) “I 41 corridor" means that portion of I 41 from I 94 at the zoo interchange, as defined in s. 84.014 (5m) (ag) 2., through the interchange with I 43 in the village of Howard.
348.01(2)(bg) (bg) “Implement dealer" means any person engaged in the business of delivering, repairing, or servicing implements of husbandry or agricultural commercial motor vehicles.
348.01(2)(bm) (bm) “Personal watercraft" has the meaning given in s. 30.50 (9d).
348.01(2)(bp) (bp) “Potato harvester" means an implement of husbandry designed and used exclusively for harvesting potatoes.
348.01(2)(bt) (bt) “Raw forest products" means logs, pilings, posts, poles, cordwood products, wood chips, sawdust, pulpwood, intermediary lumber, fuel wood and Christmas trees not altered by a manufacturing process off the land, sawmill or factory from which they are taken.
348.01(2)(bu) (bu) “Stover" means the leaves and stalks of field crops, such as corn, sorghum, or soybean, that are commonly left in a field after harvesting the grain.
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