38.001   Mission and purpose.
38.01   Definitions.
38.02   Establishment.
38.04   Technical college system board; powers and duties.
38.06   District boundaries.
38.08   Composition and organization of district board.
38.10   Appointment of district board members.
38.12   District board duties.
38.125   Public broadcasting stations.
38.14   District board powers.
38.145   Responsibilities of students.
38.15   Financing of capital expenditures.
38.16   District tax levy; revenue limit; property tax relief aid.
38.18   Contracts and bidding.
38.20   Adjustment of assets and liabilities.
38.22   Admission requirements.
38.23   Student discrimination prohibited.
38.24   Fees and tuition.
38.26   Minority student participation and retention grants.
38.27   Incentive grants.
38.272   Farm training program tuition grants.
38.28   State aid.
38.29   Chauffeur training grants.
38.30   Special aid for veterans.
38.31   Veteran grant jobs pilot program.
38.32   Technical college instructor occupational competency program.
38.33   Professional development grants.
38.34   Funding to expand the oral health care workforce.
38.36   Nutritional improvement for elderly.
38.38   Services for students with disabilities.
38.40   Technical preparation, school-to-work, and work-based learning programs.
38.41   Training program.
38.42   Grants to meet emergency financial need.
Ch. 38 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also TCS, Wis. adm. code.
38.001 38.001 Mission and purpose.
38.001(1)(1)The legislature finds it in the public interest to provide a system of technical colleges which enables eligible persons to acquire the occupational skills training necessary for full participation in the work force; which stresses job training and retraining; which recognizes the rapidly changing educational needs of residents to keep current with the demands of the work place and through its course offerings and programs facilitates educational options for residents; which fosters economic development; which provides education through associate degree programs and other programs below the baccalaureate level; which functions cooperatively with other educational institutions and other governmental bodies; and which provides services to all members of the public.
38.001(1m) (1m)The board shall be responsible for the initiation, development, maintenance and supervision of programs with specific occupational orientations below the baccalaureate level, including associate degrees, training of apprentices and adult education below the professional level.
38.001(2) (2)The principal purposes of the technical college system are to:
38.001(2)(a) (a) Provide occupational education and training and retraining programs, including the training of apprentices, that enable residents to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment at a technical, paraprofessional, skilled or semiskilled occupation. Such programs include general education courses to facilitate student achievement in occupational skills training. The district boards should maintain courses at standards acceptable to national, regional and professional accrediting agencies and associations.
38.001(2)(b) (b) Provide customized training and technical assistance to business and industry in order to foster economic development and the expansion of employment opportunities.
38.001(3) (3)The additional purposes of the technical college system are to:
38.001(3)(a)1.1. Contract with secondary schools, including tribal schools, to provide educational opportunities for high school age students in order to enhance their potential for benefiting from postsecondary education and for obtaining employment.
38.001(3)(a)2. 2. Coordinate and cooperate with secondary schools, including tribal schools, to facilitate the transition of secondary school students into postsecondary technical college education through curriculum articulation and collaboration.
38.001(3)(b) (b) Provide a collegiate transfer program.
38.001(3)(c) (c) Provide community services and avocational or self-enrichment activities.
38.001(3)(d) (d) Provide education in basic skills to enable students to effectively function at a literate level in society.
38.001(3)(e) (e) Provide education and services which address barriers created by stereotyping and discriminating and assist individuals with disabilities, minorities, women, and the disadvantaged to participate in the work force and the full range of technical college programs and activities.
38.001 Annotation Section 118.15 permits VTAE (technical college) instructors to teach a limited number of courses to public school students under certain circumstances without department of public instruction certification. Green Bay Education Association. v. DPI, 154 Wis. 2d 655, 453 N.W.2d 915 (Ct. App. 1990).
38.01 38.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
38.01(1) (1)“Associate degree program" means a 2-year, post-high school program in an area designated and approved by the board for which the course requirements are established by the board.
38.01(2) (2)“Board" means the technical college system board.
38.01(3) (3)“Collegiate transfer program" means a statewide, full-time program, designated and approved by the board, in which the credits earned may be transferable to a 4-year institution of higher education.
38.01(4) (4)“Community service program" means an avocational or self-enrichment course that does not lead to a paying occupation or present essential skills needed in nonpaying occupations and that is established by a district board and approved by the state director under procedures established by the board.
38.01(5) (5)“District" means a technical college district established under this chapter.
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