454.01   Definitions.
454.02   Limitations and exceptions.
454.04   Practice.
454.06   Licensure.
454.07   Examinations.
454.075   Examining board approval of accrediting agencies.
454.08   Establishment licenses.
454.10   Apprenticeship.
454.12   Continuing education.
454.125   Regulatory updates.
454.13   Licensees of other jurisdictions.
454.14   Inspections.
454.145   Disclosure of temporary permit status.
454.15   Disciplinary proceedings and actions.
454.16   Penalties.
454.20   Definitions.
454.21   Limitations and exceptions.
454.22   Practice.
454.23   Licensure.
454.24   Examinations.
454.245   Department approval of accrediting agencies.
454.25   Barbering establishment license.
454.26   Apprenticeship.
454.265   Continuing education.
454.267   Regulatory updates.
454.27   Licensees of other jurisdictions.
454.28   Inspections.
454.285   Disclosure of temporary permit status.
454.287   Advisory committee.
454.29   Disciplinary proceedings and actions.
454.295   Penalties.
Ch. 454 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 440.01.
subch. I of ch. 454 SUBCHAPTER I
454.01 454.01 Definitions. In this subchapter:
454.01(1) (1)“Aesthetician" means a person who practices aesthetics.
454.01(2) (2)“Aesthetics" means, for compensation, caring for or beautifying the skin of the human body, including but not limited to cleaning, applying cosmetics, oils, lotions, clay, creams, antiseptics, powders or tonics to or massaging, stimulating, wrapping or exercising the skin of the human body.
454.01(3) (3)“Apprentice" means a person who is learning the practice of barbering or cosmetology under s. 454.10.
454.01(5m) (5m)“Barbering" has the meaning given in s. 454.20 (2).
454.01(7) (7)“Compensation" means direct or indirect payment, including the expectation of payment whether or not actually received.
454.01(7e) (7e)“Cosmetologist" means a person who practices cosmetology.
454.01(7m) (7m)“Cosmetology" means, for compensation, performing one or more of the following:
454.01(7m)(a) (a) Barbering.
454.01(7m)(b) (b) Aesthetics.
454.01(7m)(c) (c) Manicuring.
454.01(7m)(d) (d) The removal of hair of any person at the root, except by use of an electric needle.
454.01(8) (8)“Electrologist" means a person who practices electrology.
454.01(9) (9)“Electrology" means, for compensation, removing hair from the human body by use of an electric needle.
454.01(10) (10)“Establishment" means any place in which barbering, cosmetology, aesthetics, electrology, or manicuring is performed.
454.01(11) (11)“Examining board" means the cosmetology examining board.
454.01(11m) (11m)“Inactive license" means a license issued under s. 454.06 (2) to (6) that is classified as inactive by the examining board under s. 454.06 (8m).
454.01(13) (13)“Manicuring" means, for compensation, cleansing, cutting, shaping, beautifying or massaging limited to the hands, feet or nails of the human body.
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