609.001   Joint ventures; legislative findings.
609.01   Definitions.
609.03   Indication of operations.
609.05   Primary provider and referrals.
609.10   Standard plan and point-of-service option plan required.
609.17   Reports of disciplinary action.
609.20   Rules for preferred provider and defined network plans.
609.22   Access standards.
609.24   Continuity of care.
609.30   Provider disclosures.
609.32   Quality assurance.
609.34   Clinical decision-making; medical director.
609.35   Applicability of requirements to preferred provider plans.
609.36   Data systems and confidentiality.
609.38   Oversight.
609.60   Optometric coverage.
609.65   Coverage for court-ordered services for the mentally ill.
609.655   Coverage of certain services provided to dependent students.
609.70   Chiropractic coverage.
609.71   Disclosure of payments.
609.715   Coverage of alcoholism and other diseases.
609.717   Mental health services provided by a recovery charter school.
609.75   Adopted children coverage.
609.755   Coverage of dependents.
609.76   Coverage of student on medical leave.
609.77   Coverage of breast reconstruction.
609.78   Coverage of treatment for the correction of temporomandibular disorders.
609.79   Coverage of hospital and ambulatory surgery center charges and anesthetics for dental care.
609.80   Coverage of mammograms.
609.805   Coverage of contraceptives.
609.81   Coverage related to HIV infection.
609.82   Coverage without prior authorization for emergency medical condition treatment.
609.83   Coverage of drugs and devices.
609.837   Copayment equality for oral and injected chemotherapy.
609.84   Experimental treatment.
609.85   Coverage of lead screening.
609.86   Coverage of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and related treatment for infants and children.
609.87   Coverage of treatment for autism spectrum disorders.
609.875   Coverage of colorectal cancer screening.
609.88   Coverage of immunizations.
609.89   Written reason for coverage denial.
609.90   Restrictions related to domestic abuse.
609.91   Restrictions on recovering health care costs.
609.92   Hospitals, individual practice associations and providers of physician services.
609.925   Election to be subject to restrictions.
609.93   Scope of election by an individual practice association or clinic.
609.935   Notices of election and termination.
609.94   Summary of restrictions.
609.95   Minimum covered liabilities.
609.96   Initial capital and surplus requirements.
609.97   Compulsory and security surplus.
609.98   Special deposit.
Ch. 609 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in ss. 600.03 and 628.02.
Ch. 609 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. Ins 9, Wis. adm. code.
609.001 609.001 Joint ventures; legislative findings.
609.001(1)(1)The legislature finds that increased development of health maintenance organizations, preferred provider plans and limited service health organizations may have the effect of putting small, independent health care providers at a competitive disadvantage with larger health care providers. In order to avoid monopolistic situations and to provide competitive alternatives, it may be necessary for those small, independent health care providers to form joint ventures. The legislature finds that these joint ventures are a desirable means of health care cost containment to the extent that they increase the number of entities with which a health maintenance organization, preferred provider plan or limited service health organization may choose to contract and to the extent that the joint ventures do not violate state or federal antitrust laws.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 18 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on August 19, 2019. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after August 19, 2019, are designated by NOTES. (Published 8-19-19)