616.03   Designation of a mutual insurer as a school benefit insurer.
616.06   Continuation of existing school benefit plans.
616.07   Certificate of authority.
616.08   Organization of new insurers.
616.09   Applicability of other statutes.
616.10   Exemption from taxation.
616.14   Limitations applicable to plans under s. 616.06.
616.18   Restrictions on transactions.
616.20   Conversion of plans under s. 616.06 to mutuals under ch. 611 or service insurance corporations under ch. 613.
616.50   Definitions.
616.52   Applicability.
616.54   Requirements for doing business.
616.56   Form filing and required disclosures.
616.58   Prohibited acts.
616.60   Record-keeping requirements.
616.62   Enforcement.
616.71   Motor club service; definitions.
616.72   License to sell motor club service.
616.74   Manner of obtaining company license; fee.
616.76   Form of service contract.
616.77   Execution of service contract.
616.78   Contents of contract.
616.79   Only agents to solicit business.
616.80   Misrepresentations forbidden.
616.81   Company always bound by contract.
616.82   Person exempted.
Ch. 616 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in ss. 600.03, 610.01 and 628.02.
subch. I of ch. 616 SUBCHAPTER I
Subch. I of ch. 616 Note NOTE: Chapter 261, laws of 1979, which created this subchapter, contains explanatory notes.
616.03 616.03 Designation of a mutual insurer as a school benefit insurer. A mutual insurer engaged in no activities other than those specified in s. 616.06 may apply to the commissioner for designation as a school benefit insurer. If the commissioner finds that the insurer is engaged in no other activities, the commissioner shall declare it to be a school benefit insurer. As long as the insurer's activities are thus restricted and it uses the term “school benefit" or its equivalent in its name, it is deemed to be operating under this subchapter, within the meaning of s. 601.31 (2) and shall have the tax exemptions under s. 616.10.
616.03 History History: 1979 c. 261; 1981 c. 314 s. 146.
616.06 616.06 Continuation of existing school benefit plans. A plan directed by schools or school authorities in this state, which was organized under s. 185.991, 1977 stats., prior to May 11, 1980 and is operating on a nonprofit basis without capital stock, may continue to operate under this subchapter, if its purpose is exclusively to provide benefits for accidental injury to or accidental death of pupils attending the school.
616.06 History History: 1979 c. 261.
616.07 616.07 Certificate of authority.
616.07(1)(1)Issuance. Within 90 days after May 11, 1980, each plan authorized under s. 616.06 shall apply to the commissioner for a certificate of authority to continue the business it was doing on that date. The commissioner shall issue the certificate unless the commissioner finds after a hearing that the plan is in substantial or willful noncompliance with the law. No charge may be made for the initial issuance of the certificate under this subsection.
616.07(2) (2)Termination. A certificate issued under sub. (1) remains in force until it is revoked after a hearing for a substantial violation of chs. 600 to 646.
616.07 History History: 1979 c. 261; 1981 c. 314.
616.08 616.08 Organization of new insurers.
616.08(1)(1)General. Except as provided in sub. (2), new insurers may be organized exclusively for the purposes stated in s. 616.06 pursuant to the procedures for mutual insurers specified in ch. 611.
616.08(2) (2)Exceptions.
616.08(2)(a) (a) Sections 611.24 to 611.26 do not apply to insurers organized under this section.
616.08(2)(b) (b) After issuance of the certificate of authority, incorporators of an insurer under this section who have advanced money or incurred obligations for the reasonable and authorized expenses of organization may be reimbursed in cash from the proceeds of subscriptions for bonds and contribution notes, on itemized receipts audited by the commissioner. The total reimbursement may not exceed 5 percent of the amount received for the bonds and notes.
616.08(2)(c) (c) Upon request by the incorporators, the commissioner may modify any requirements in the organizational process specified in ch. 611 if the commissioner considers the modification justified by the simplicity of the proposed operation or by the circumstances surrounding the organizational process.
616.08 History History: 1979 c. 261.
616.09 616.09 Applicability of other statutes.
616.09(1)(1)Existing organizations under s. 616.06.
616.09(1)(a)1.1. Except as provided in subd. 2., plans authorized under s. 616.06 are not subject to chs. 600 to 646.
616.09(1)(a)2. 2. Plans authorized under s. 616.06 are subject to s. 610.21, 1977 stats., s. 610.55, 1977 stats., s. 610.57, 1977 stats., and ss. 628.34 to 628.39, 1977 stats., to chs. 600, 601, 620, 625, 627 and 645, to ss. 632.72, 632.755, 632.861, and 632.87, and to this subchapter except s. 616.08.
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