69.01   Definitions.
69.02   Department powers and duties.
69.03   Powers and duties of state registrar.
69.035   Treatment by state registrar of tribal vital records and tribal court orders.
69.04   Local registration district.
69.05   Duties of local registrar.
69.06   Duties of city registrars.
69.07   Duties of register of deeds.
69.08   Requirements for registration.
69.09   Corrections prior to filing.
69.10   Correction of obvious errors.
69.11   Amendments without court order.
69.12   Entry of true facts by court order.
69.13   Correction of facts misrepresented by informant for record of birth.
69.14   Registration of births.
69.145   Certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth.
69.15   Changes of fact on birth records.
69.16   Marriage documents.
69.17   Divorce report.
69.18   Death records.
69.186   Induced abortion reporting.
69.19   Court-ordered death records.
69.20   Disclosure of information from vital records.
69.21   Copies of vital records.
69.22   Fees.
69.24   Penalties.
69.30   Authorized copying of vital records.
69.60   Taxes and bonds.
69.61   Annual statement of taxes.
69.62   Returns to department of revenue.
69.63   Department of revenue, duties.
69.64   Realty statistics; items.
69.65   Statistics compiled, use of; county clerk's duties.
69.66   Agricultural statistics.
69.67   Returns may be sent for; expense.
69.68   Statement of indebtedness to secretary of state.
69.69   Neglect of duty.
subch. I of ch. 69 SUBCHAPTER I
69.01 69.01 Definitions. In this subchapter:
69.01(1r) (1r)“Certificate of termination of domestic partnership" means a certificate issued by a county clerk under s. 770.12 (3).
69.01(2) (2)“Certifier of the cause of death" means a physician, coroner or medical examiner acting under s. 69.18 (2).
69.01(3) (3)“City registrar" means the local health officer of a local health department with jurisdiction for a city that is a registration district.
69.01(5) (5)“Court report" means an abstract of a court action involving a vital record completed and certified by the clerk of court on a form supplied by the state registrar.
69.01(6g) (6g)“Date of death" means the date that a person is pronounced dead by a physician, naturopathic doctor, coroner, deputy coroner, medical examiner, deputy medical examiner, physician assistant, or hospice nurse.
69.01 Note NOTE: Sub. (6g) is shown as amended by 2021 Wis. Acts 23 and 130 and as merged by the legislative reference bureau under s. 13.92 (2) (i).
69.01(6r) (6r)“Declaration of domestic partnership" means a declaration issued by a county clerk under s. 770.07 (2).
69.01(7) (7)“Department" means the department of health services.
69.01(8) (8)“Direction of the state registrar" means the determination in individual cases that statutes are being observed, the issuance of administrative rules, the imposition of statutory penalties and the maintenance of communications within the system of vital records.
69.01(10) (10)“File" means the acceptance by the local registrar and the initial incorporation of vital records provided under this subchapter into the system of vital records.
69.01(11) (11)“Filing party" means any person who submits a vital record to a local registrar for filing in the system of vital records.
69.01(12) (12)“Final disposition" means the disposition of a corpse or stillbirth by burial, interment, entombment, cremation, delivery to a university or school under s. 157.02 (3) or delivery to a medical or dental school anatomy department under s. 157.06. “Final disposition" does not include disposition of the ashes produced by cremation of a corpse or stillbirth.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 33 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on September 14, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after September 14, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 9-14-23)