84.001   Definitions.
84.01   Department powers and duties.
84.011   Who to sign contracts.
84.012   Setoffs.
84.013   Highway projects.
84.014   Southeast Wisconsin freeway rehabilitation; Marquette interchange reconstruction project.
84.0145   Southeast Wisconsin freeway megaprojects.
84.015   Federal highway aid accepted.
84.016   Major interstate bridge projects.
84.017   High-cost state highway bridge projects.
84.02   State trunk highway system.
84.03   Federal aid; state and local funds.
84.04   Roadside improvement.
84.05   Railroad crossing improvements.
84.06   Highway construction.
84.062   Alternative project delivery.
84.063   Utility facilities relocation.
84.065   Railroad and utility alteration and relocation loan program.
84.07   Maintenance of state trunk highways.
84.072   Unified disadvantaged business certification program.
84.075   Contracting with minority businesses and disabled veteran-owned businesses.
84.076   Disadvantaged business demonstration and training program.
84.078   Use of recovered material.
84.08   Franchises.
84.09   Acquisition of lands and interests therein.
84.093   Cooperative acquisition of rights-of-way.
84.095   Transportation project plats.
84.10   Maintenance and operation of bridges not on state trunks.
84.101   Military memorial highways and bridges.
84.1018   Veterans of the American Revolution Memorial Bridge.
84.1019   Fifty-seventh Field Artillery Brigade Memorial Highway.
84.102   Governor Nelson Dewey Memorial Highway.
84.1021   Georgia O'Keeffe Memorial Highway.
84.10215   Stephen Ambrose Memorial Highway.
84.10217   Lee and Lynn Copen Memorial Highway.
84.1022   Green Bay Ethnic Trail.
84.10225   Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route.
84.1023   Avery Wilber Memorial Bridge.
84.1024   Veterans Memorial Bridge.
84.1025   Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Highway.
84.10255   Frank Lloyd Wright Trail.
84.1026   Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Highway.
84.1027   Wisconsin Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Highway.
84.1028   Wisconsin Fire Fighters-EMT/Citizen Soldier Bridge.
84.1029   Wisconsin Law Enforcement/Citizen Soldier Bridge.
84.10295   Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial Highway.
84.103   Veterans Memorial Highways.
84.1031   Citizen Soldier Highway.
84.10315   128th Infantry Memorial Highway.
84.1032   Blue Star Memorial Highway.
84.1033   Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge.
84.10335   Bart Starr Memorial Bridge.
84.1034   Airborne Brigade, 173rd, Highway.
84.10343   Carson Holmquist Memorial Highway.
84.10345   Nichole M. Frye Memorial Bridge.
84.1035   Peace Memorial Highway.
84.10355   Governor Patrick Lucey Highway.
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