87.01   Definitions.
87.02   Powers of department.
87.03   Petition for flood works.
87.04   Action on petition.
87.05   Scope of hearing.
87.06   Court review of dismissal.
87.07   Preliminary order.
87.075   Special procedure.
87.076   Financing.
87.08   Petition of board; modification of order, court review.
87.085   Federal cooperation.
87.09   Assessment of benefits.
87.095   Public park lands not benefited by improvement.
87.10   Collection of assessments; bonds.
87.11   When benefits exceed cost; when costs will exceed benefits; temporary borrowing; maintenance fund.
87.12   Flood control board, creation, duties, powers, pay, funds.
87.13   Disbursements by board.
87.14   Operation and maintenance.
87.15   Repairs, replacements and extensions; procedure.
87.16   Court proceedings given preference.
87.17   Trespass, penalty.
87.18   Lease, sale and lease with option to purchase the project.
87.30   Floodplain zoning.
87.304   Regulation of historic property in floodplains.
87.305   Use of certain facilities on St. Feriole island.
87.01 87.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
87.01(1) (1)“Department" means the department of natural resources.
87.01(2) (2)“Drainage area" means any parcel or parcels of land within the area whose drainage causes or contributes to flood conditions upon or in the vicinity of a designated stream or body of water.
87.01(3) (3)“Equalized assessed value" means:
87.01(3)(a) (a) As applied to any town, village or city, the value of the real property therein as determined by the department of revenue under s. 70.57;
87.01(3)(b) (b) As applied to any tract of land, such proportion of the assessed value thereof, as determined by the local assessor, as the equalized assessed value of all the real estate in the town, village or city in which such tract is located bears to the aggregate assessed value of the real estate in such town, village or city, as determined by its assessor;
87.01(3)(c) (c) As applied to a parcel of land, such proportion of the equalized assessed value of the tract of which such parcel is a part, as the department shall determine to correctly represent the relative value of such parcel as compared with the remainder of the tract.
87.01(4) (4)“Owner" means any person, partnership, association or corporation having the fee title or any lesser estate in lands, except estates at will and by sufferance.
87.01(5) (5)“Parcel of land" means that portion of a tract of land which is benefited by the abatement or diminution of flood conditions.
87.01(6) (6)“Public corporation" means any county, town, village, city, school district, board of park commissioners and any other public body empowered to hold property, borrow money or levy taxes.
87.01(7) (7)“Public service corporation" means any corporation specified in s. 201.01.
87.01(8) (8)“Tract of land" means all of the land separately assessed as a unit for the purpose of general taxation pursuant to s. 70.23.
87.02 87.02 Powers of department. To accomplish the purposes of ss. 87.01 to 87.17, the department of natural resources is hereby authorized and empowered:
87.02(1) (1)To order the straightening, widening, altering, deepening, changing or the removing of obstructions from the course of any river, watercourse, pond, lake, creek or natural stream, ditch, drain or sewer, and the concentration, diversion or division of the flow of water therein; provided, that in the case of navigable waters no such work shall substantially impair the navigability thereof.
87.02(2) (2)To order the construction and maintenance or the removal of ditches, canals, levees, dikes, dams, sluices, revetments, reservoirs, holding basins, floodways, pumping stations, sewers and siphons, and any other works reasonably adapted or required to accomplish the purposes of said ss. 87.01 to 87.17.
87.03 87.03 Petition for flood works. Any 25 owners of lands which have been recurrently flooded by the waters of any designated stream, lake or pond or any tributaries thereof, or any public corporation within whose boundaries are located any lands subject to such overflow, may file with the department a written petition setting forth:
87.03(1) (1)The necessity for the construction of such works of improvement as will abate or substantially diminish the overflow of such lands, together with a statement that the construction of such works is required by the public health, safety, convenience or welfare;
87.03(2) (2)A general description of the purpose of the contemplated improvement and of the territory proposed to be benefited by the construction thereof. Said description need not be given by metes and bounds nor by legal or political subdivisions but shall be sufficient if it designate in general terms the territory proposed to be benefited by the improvement;
87.03(3) (3)A prayer for appropriate action and relief.
87.04 87.04 Action on petition.
87.04(1)(1)Upon the filing of any petition as authorized by s. 87.03, the department shall give the project a name embodying the name of the principal river or body of water involved in the project, and shall fix a date and place of hearing upon the petition, the date being so fixed as to allow for the giving of the notice herein provided for. The department shall publish in each county in which any portion of the territory referred to in the petition is located, a class 3 notice, under ch. 985, stating the nature of the proceeding and the time and place of the proposed hearing, and shall also forward a copy of such notice to the county clerk of each such county. Each such county clerk shall thereupon mail a copy of the notice to the clerk of each town, village and city within that clerk's county. The failure of any county clerk to comply with the foregoing requirements shall not, however, affect the jurisdiction of the department to proceed.
87.04(2) (2)If the petition alleges that the proposed project will be located wholly upon land owned by the petitioners, that the stream affected is nonnavigable, or if navigable in fact, is not navigable for any substantial commercial or major recreational purposes, that the project is required by public health, safety, convenience or welfare and that the petitioners desire to construct and operate the project as a cooperative enterprise, the department may hear the petition upon due notice to the petitioners and to the town clerk of each town in which the project is located. If the department finds that the allegations of the petition are true, it may authorize the petitioners to proceed with the construction and operation of the project subject to plans to be approved by the department and all other procedural requirements of this chapter may thereafter be omitted, provided that the petitioners shall be jointly and severally liable for any damage to the property of others resulting from said project.
87.04 History History: 1991 a. 316.
87.05 87.05 Scope of hearing. The hearing under s. 87.04 shall be confined to the question whether the improvement prayed for in the petition is required by the public health, safety, convenience or welfare. Any person interested may appear at such hearing in person or by attorney and be heard upon said question without the filing of any formal pleading. In considering and deciding this question the department may consider investigations and reports made by the engineering staff and by the U.S. government or an officer or agency thereof, provided such reports are made a part of the record of the hearing. If at the close of such hearing the department determines that the public health, safety, convenience or welfare require the abatement or substantial diminution of the flood conditions referred to in the petition, it shall make written findings to that effect and shall direct the hearing upon the petition to proceed; but if its finding is to the contrary, it shall enter an order dismissing the petition.
87.06 87.06 Court review of dismissal. An order dismissing the petition shall be subject to review in the manner provided in ch. 227. An order directing the hearing to proceed shall not be subject to review except upon review of the final order made pursuant to s. 87.07.
87.07 87.07 Preliminary order.
87.07(1)(1)Survey and report. If the department's order, made pursuant to s. 87.05, shall direct the hearing to proceed, the department shall at the same time direct its engineering department to make a survey in the form of a preliminary investigation and to file a report:
87.07(1)(a) (a) Determining and showing upon a map the lands, whether contiguous or not, which will be benefited by the abatement or substantial diminution of the flood conditions referred to in the petition; defining by legal description each parcel of such lands, other than those owned by public corporations or public service corporations; stating the most recent equalized assessed value of each such parcel of land, and stating the amount of benefit estimated to be derived by each such parcel from the abatement or substantial diminution of such flood conditions;
87.07(1)(b) (b) Giving a general description of the real property of any public corporation and the real and personal property of any public service corporation which will be benefited by the abatement or substantial diminution of the flood conditions referred to in the petition; stating the fair value of each parcel of real estate and piece of personal property so described, and determining the amount of benefit estimated to be derived by each of such parcels of real estate and pieces of personal property from the abatement or substantial diminution of such flood conditions; for the purposes of ss. 87.01 to 87.17, streets and highways shall be deemed to be the property of the public corporation which is under legal duty to maintain them;
87.07(1)(c) (c) Defining by political subdivisions the drainage area, and stating the most recent equalized assessed value of the real estate in each of the political subdivisions constituting such area;
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