93.01   Definitions.
93.02   Staff.
93.03   Offices of department, hearings, investigations.
93.06   Department powers.
93.07   Department duties.
93.075   Policy of cooperative marketing adopted.
93.08   Access for law enforcement.
93.09   Standards and regulations.
93.10   Inspector's certificate.
93.11   Licensing of inspectors.
93.12   Laboratories, approval of.
93.135   License denial, nonrenewal, suspension or restriction based on failure to pay support, taxes, or unemployment insurance contributions.
93.14   Power to conduct hearings; secure evidence; witness fees.
93.15   Reports to department; inspections.
93.16   Preliminary investigation.
93.17   Immunity; perjury.
93.18   Hearings; orders; service; procedure; revocation.
93.20   Enforcement costs.
93.21   Penalties.
93.22   Enforcement provisions.
93.23   Local fairs.
93.30   World dairy expo.
93.31   Livestock breeders association.
93.32   Agriculture in the classroom program.
93.35   Weather modification.
93.40   Dairy promotion.
93.41   Stray voltage.
93.42   Center for international agribusiness marketing.
93.43   Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program; veteran farmer logotype.
93.44   Commodity promotion.
93.45   Buy local, buy Wisconsin.
93.46   Agricultural diversification.
93.47   Bioenergy council.
93.48   Buy local grant program.
93.49   Farm to school programs.
93.50   Farm mediation and arbitration program.
93.51   Farmer assistance.
93.52   Dairy farmer exit-entry program.
93.55   Chemical and container collection grants.
93.57   Household hazardous waste.
93.59   Producer-led watershed protection grants.
93.68   Grants for meat processing facilities.
93.70   Conservation reserve enhancement program.
93.73   Purchase of agricultural conservation easements.
93.80   Arsenic in wood.
93.90   Livestock facility siting and expansion.
93.01 93.01 Definitions. The following terms, wherever used in chs. 93 to 100 or in any order, regulation or standard made thereunder, have the meaning here indicated, unless the context otherwise requires:
93.01(1b) (1b)“Agriculture" includes aquaculture.
93.01(1d) (1d)“Aquaculture" means the controlled cultivation of aquatic plants and animals.
93.01(1m) (1m)“Business" includes any business, except that of banks, savings banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations, and insurance companies. “Business" includes public utilities and telecommunications carriers to the extent that their activities, beyond registration, notice, and reporting activities, are not regulated by the public service commission and includes public utility and telecommunications carrier methods of competition or trade and advertising practices that are exempt from regulation by the public service commission under s. 196.195, 196.202, 196.203, 196.206, 196.219, 196.499, or 196.50 (2) (i) or by other action of the commission.
93.01(2) (2)“Cooperative association" includes cooperatives and foreign cooperatives as defined in ss. 185.01 and 193.005.
93.01(3) (3)“Department" means the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection.
93.01(4) (4)“Documents" includes books, papers, accounts, records and correspondence.
93.01(5) (5)“Farm products" includes all products of agriculture, horticulture, dairying, livestock, poultry and bee raising.
93.01(6) (6)“Food products" includes all articles and commodities used for food, drink, confectionary or condiment.
93.01(7) (7)“Grade" includes, in the case of food products or farm products, grade according to quality, quantity, type, variety, size, weight, dimensions or shape of the products, and, in the case of receptacles, grade according to quality, type, size, weight, content, dimensions, or shape of the receptacle.
2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2021 Wis. Act 72 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on July 23, 2021. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after July 23, 2021, are designated by NOTES. (Published 7-23-21)