95.001   Definitions.
95.01   Administration of drugs to horses.
95.10   Feeding garbage to swine.
95.11   Livestock branding.
95.12   False pedigree.
95.13   Misrepresenting breed of domestic animal.
95.14   Corporations to improve livestock.
95.17   Animal diseases; cooperation with United States.
95.18   Animals in transit.
95.185   Voluntary individual animal identification.
95.19   Diseased animals.
95.195   Diseases; implied warranty in sale of animals.
95.197   Financial assistance for paratuberculosis testing.
95.20   Import and movement of animals.
95.21   Rabies control program.
95.22   Reporting animal diseases.
95.23   Disease investigation and enforcement.
95.232   Confidentiality of paratuberculosis records.
95.235   Sale of certain painted utensils.
95.24   Living vaccine, hog cholera, anthrax, swine erysipelas.
95.25   Tuberculosis control program.
95.26   Brucellosis control program.
95.27   Pseudorabies control program; indemnities.
95.30   Disposal of animals infected with tuberculosis.
95.31   Condemnation of diseased animals.
95.32   Appraised value.
95.33   Tubercular animals that do not react.
95.34   Slaughter on premises.
95.35   Scrapie eradication: indemnities.
95.36   Indemnity not allowed.
95.37   Claims for indemnity.
95.38   Altering records; tampering with ear tags.
95.39   Biological products.
95.40   Neutralizing tuberculosis test.
95.41   Tuberculin; ear tags.
95.42   Revocation of permit to test.
95.43   Application of brucellosis test.
95.45   Certificates of veterinary inspection; tests for interstate shipment.
95.46   Brucellosis vaccination; official vaccinates.
95.48   Brucellosis indemnity restrictions.
95.49   Movement; sale.
95.50   Transportation and disposal of animal carcasses.
95.51   Livestock premises registration.
95.55   Farm-raised deer.
95.57   Poultry and farm-raised game birds; national poultry improvement program.
95.60   Importing fish; fish farms.
95.65   Intrastate transportation of white-tailed deer.
95.67   Proper use of animal care and disease control products.
95.68   Animal markets.
95.69   Animal dealers.
95.71   Animal truckers.
95.715   Feed lots and veal lots.
95.72   Transportation, processing and disposal of dead animals.
95.80   Humane slaughtering.
95.99   Penalties.
Ch. 95 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 93.01.
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