Cross-References in the 2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes
Updated 2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
In each table, the list is organized into two main columns. The left-hand column shows the statute (or other provision or reference) that is referred to in the statute or statutes enumerated in the right-hand column.
The list is limited to numerical cross-references. Not shown are the verbal references, found in many statutes, to "under this section" or "in this section," or "this chapter," "this section," "this subsection," "this paragraph," or "this subdivision."
The list of statute cross-references in the Statutes is compiled from the machine-readable record of the statutes. Every effort has been made to make the list of cross-references as accurate as possible, but the LRB assumes no responsibility or liability for possible errors or omissions.
If you are checking for cross-references to a specific statute section, be aware that the statute references in in the left hand column include ranges of statute sections or statute parts. For example, cross references to 180.1702 would be found not only under 180.1702, but would also be included with references under `ch. 180,' `ch. 178 to 181,' `subch. XVII of ch. 180,' or `180.1701 to 180.1705.' References to a series of chapters are listed immediately after references to the individual chapter, immediately following the chapter headings within the table. References to subchapters are located within the listings for the appropriate chapter, ahead of where references to the first section of that subchapter would be or are numerically listed. Cross-references to series of sections do not include sections from more than one chapter.
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