Property tax equivalent payments for utilities owned by municipalities [Sec. 3316m]  -  Act 27
PSC revisions re advance planning, telecommunications utilities, public utilities and terminology updates (remedial legislation)  -  Act 409
Revenue bonds to refund municipal obligation: authority expanded re public utility or public transportation system [Sec. 49-51]  -  Act 216
Spent nuclear fuel facility: municipal shared revenue payment revised [Sec. 3509b, 9348 (11g)]  -  Act 27
Transmission facility excavation and damage procedures revised  -  Act 135
Unpaid utility bill responsibility and municipal utility collection practices revised  -  Act 419
Utility interconnection provisions [Sec. 5235s]  -  Act 27
public utility _ taxationPublic utility — Taxation, see also Railroad — Taxation
Heat, light and power companies: state license fee and shared revenue provisions [Sec. 3451, 3461-3464, 3507-3509, 9448 (3)]  -  Act 27
Community services: aids and local assistance funding modified [Sec. 2301m-p, 2326m, n, 2333g-L]  -  Act 27
County-funded relief program and nonmedical benefits for specific class of persons authorized; certain reimbursements to counties; provisions re eligibility criteria, work component and vehicle registration information  -  Act 58
National and community service board transferred from DOA to DILHR [Sec. 115-117, 146-148m, 280-282, 1077, 1082, 1083, 9101 (1), 9430 (2), 9445 (1)] [vetoed]  -  AB-150
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewas: social services contract with DHSS authorized [Sec. 9126 (26j)]  -  Act 27
Regional, human and social services delivery services: feasibility study provided [Sec. 9126 (27u)] [vetoed]  -  AB-150
RNIP and general relief programs eliminated and replaced with relief block grants and other county programs; contracting with private health providers authorized [for section numbers, see entry under ``Relief program"]  -  Act 27
Social worker training certificate created [Sec. 6619, 6620] [6620 — partial veto]  -  Act 27
public worksPublic works
Prevailing wage effective date re 1995 WisAct 215 revised [Sec. 85m, p]  -  Act 216
Prevailing wage rates and hours laws revised re state and local public works projects; coverage of certain truck drivers revised  -  Act 215
Surety bond for public works contracts: county approval procedure revised (remedial legislation)  -  Act 432
pupil discipline or rightsPupil discipline or rights, see School — Discipline
purchasing, governmentPurchasing, Government
Disadvantaged business demonstration and training program: sunset extended  -  Act 113
Recycled paper purchase by state agencies: implementation date modified (remedial legislation)  -  Act 432
State procurement procedures and contract with governmental entities or consortia with 3rd parties revised; DOA may adjust based on consumer price index  -  Act 244
Subscription service for prospective state vendors modified; bidders list and registration fee provision created  -  Act 351
q_r - Q+R -
racine countyRacine county
Professional baseball park district created; provisions re bond issuance, contracting, minority businesses, LAB audit, sky box special rental payments, contributions to youth sports organizations and smoke-free environment in certain stadium seating areas [partial veto]  -  . Act 56
Racing and pari-mutuel wagering: revision re racetrack breakage [Sec. 546x, 1018c, 6965-6972]  -  Act 27
Racing animal drug testing requirements revised [Sec. 6975, 9123 (4), (5)]  -  Act 27
Racing animal treatment: DATCP duties transferred to Gaming commission [Sec. 3554, 3555, 6952]  -  Act 27
Racing revisions re simulcast racing and amount of total wagers distributed as prizes [Sec. 6951, 6954-6961m, 9123 (3)] [6958 — partial veto]  -  Act 27
Low-level radioactive waste council: sunset date extended [Sec. 119, 237]  -  Act 27
Midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact revised  -  Act 115
Radioactive waste review board and related councils eliminated; responsibilities transferred to PSC [Sec. 95, 220, 221, 1779-1799, 4333, 4334, 4453, 9157 (3)]  -  Act 27
Incidental taking of endangered or threatened species: permits created; news media notification provision  -  Act 296
Radio and sound-producing or amplification devices in motor vehicles: laws revised; vehicle impoundment and owner liability provided; local ordinances authorized; forfeitures doubled for violations  -  Act 373
Statewide public safety radio management program  -  Act 113
radioactive wasteRadioactive waste, see Radiation
raffleRaffle, see Gambling
Highway improvement procedures [Sec. 3515m-3519i] [3515m, 3519g, i — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Rail property acquisitions and infrastructure improvements: bonding and funding revisions  -  Act 113
Rail service assistance appropriation: title changed  -  Act 113
Railroad corporation submission of stockholder annual reports: filing with Railroads commissioner continued [Sec. 58, 9423 (2)]  -  Act 216
Railroad property acquired by DOT: exemption from tax-exempt property report requirement  -  Act 113
Railroad rolling stock: tax exemption for [vetoed]  -  AB-557
railroad _ crossingRailroad — Crossing
Fencing, farm crossing and cattle guard costs: Railroad commissioner and PSC duties re state reimbursement plan [partial veto]  -  Act 113
railroad _ passenger serviceRailroad — Passenger service
Commuter rail service between Illinois and cities of Beloit and Janesville: DOT to study [partial veto]  -  Act 113
High-speed rail service between Wisconsin and Minnesota: study authorized; matching funds provision [partial veto]  -  Act 113
railroad _ taxationRailroad — Taxation
Car line company tax: revisions re payment in instalments and reduced rates  -  Act 237
Railroad rolling stock: tax exemption for [vetoed]  -  AB-557
railroads _ commissioner, office ofRailroads — Commissioner, Office of
Fencing, farm crossing and cattle guard costs: Railroad commissioner and PSC duties re state reimbursement plan [partial veto]  -  Act 113
Payment of office expenses [Sec. 5224m, 9346 (1)]  -  Act 27
Railroad articles of incorporation filing transferred from Secretary of state to DOR [Sec. 5066]  -  Act 27
Railroad corporation submission of stockholder annual reports: filing with Railroads commissioner continued [Sec. 58, 9423 (2)]  -  Act 216
rapeRape, see Sex crimes
reading testReading test, see Literacy
real estateReal estate, see Real property
real estate agent or appraiserReal estate agent or appraiser, see Real property — Agent
real estate transfer feeReal estate transfer fee
Real estate transfer fee: all intraspousal transfers made exempt  -  Act 458
real propertyReal property, see also Land; Mortgage; Public land
Land contract foreclosure: redemption period provided  -  Act 250
Residential real property disclosure form revised; certain exceptions provided  -  Act 180
real property _ agentReal property — Agent
Fraudulent representations law: real estate brokers and salespersons exempt in certain cases; attorney fee provision  -  Act 179
Real estate brokers and salespersons: inactive license status eliminated [Sec. 6612-6614]  -  Act 27
reciprocityReciprocity, see also Interstate compact
Reciprocal and temporary credential fees charged by DORL [Sec. 6474, 6475, 9347 (1), 9447 (2)]  -  Act 27
State banking laws: chapter 221, Wis.Stats., recodified  -  Act 336
recorded conversationRecorded conversation, see Evidence