Trade and Marketing PracticesTRADE AND MARKETING PRACTICES
, Ch. 100

Note: This subject heading relates to sales methods and the regulation of retailers, wholesalers and others engaged in the business of buying and selling goods and services. It does not deal specifically with quality standards imposed on products.

Agricultural producers, sales regulated:
Animals and animal products, sales restricted when subject to treatment, 95.67
Cattle, transportation and sale, shipping documents required, 134.53
Dairy heifer calves, classification, 100.025
Livestock production contracts, 100.04
Marketing contracts:
, 100.23
Vegetable procurement contracts, 100.03, 100.235
Milk purchases:
Audits of purchasers, 100.07
Butter and cheese manufacturers, 100.05
Discrimination prohibited, 100.22
Agriculture, trade and consumer protection dept. regulation,
Alternative energy resource systems:
Deceptive advertising, 100.18 (9m), 101.175 (6)
Standards, 101.175
Anti-trust violations,
Antifreeze solutions, 100.38
Attorney general authority,
Batteries containing mercury, 100.27
Disposal of, 287.185
Beverage container regulation, 134.77
Bills of lading:
Fraudulent, 134.20
Register to be kept by warehouse keeper, 134.205
Bribery of employes, to influence employer's business, 134.05
Burglar alarms, installer may not be felon, 134.59
Cable television, right of privacy, 134.43
Chauffeur, graft, 134.06
Cigarettes and tobacco products, restrictions on sale or gift, 134.65, 134.66
Commission merchants, regulations, 100.01, 100.02
Corporate name, unlawful use, 134.17, 134.18
DDT, sale and use prohibited, 134.67
Dairy product wholesalers, retailers and brokers, unfair practices, 100.201, 100.202
Dating service contracts, regulated, 134.68
Dealerships, fair dealership law, generally, Ch. 135
For detailed analysis,

Deceptive advertising and representations,
Detergents, nondegradable, sale prohibited:
Alkyl benzene sulfonate, containing, 281.17 (6)
Phosphates, 100.28
Advertising, fraudulent, 100.182
Pricing, unfair discrimination, 100.31
Energy savings or safety claims, 100.21
Evergreen trees, cutting, selling, transporting, 134.60
Fair dealership law, generally, Ch. 135
For detailed analysis,

False receipts, 134.20
Register to be kept by warehouse keeper, 134.205
Farm machinery:
Retailers' storage safety requirements, 167.19
Sales, safety requirements, 100.47
Fitness and diet centers:
Contracts, 134.70
Staff requirements, 134.705
Form retention and disposal, 134.345
Fur garments, labeling, 100.35
Future service plans, generally, Ch. 136
For detailed analysis,