Traffic regulation ordinances that conform with DOT rules: local authorities may enact -  Act 190
town _ officersTown — Officers
Residency requirement for appointed town clerk or treasurer revised [Sec. 2178s] -  Act 27
townhouseTownhouse, see Housing
trade practiceTrade practice, see also Sales
Antique dealers and recyclers: regulations created re purchase of used home furnishings -  Act 76
Bedding manufacturing and sales regulations and label requirements created; hospital bedding provision  -  Act 260
Commercial mobile service: transitional adjustment fee levied; utility tax on personal communications services; definition of facsimile machine revised [Sec. 2378-2379e, 2915, 3143m, 5508] -  Act 27
Fermented malt beverage wholesaler distribution rights: cause of action for agreement violations created; requirements re shipments from outside the state revised  -  Act 166
Land and water conservation board advisory members re U.S. Secretary of agriculture representatives modified; certain provisions of chap.134, Wis.Stats., renumbered re DATCP and DHFS administration (remedial legislation)  -  Act 111
Minimum markup law: revisions re sale of motor vehicle fuel; provisions re damage, petroleum price reporting service and notification requirements -  Act 55
Sales and use tax collection: DOR authorized to contract with direct marketers [Sec. 2363] [partial veto]  -  Act 27
Uniform commercial code revision re ``sale or return" or consignment sales -  Act 279
trades and occupationsTrades and occupations, see also specific occupation
Audiologist and hearing instrument specialist: dual credentialing re fitting and selling hearing aids; continuing education requirements, speech-language pathologist provision  -  Act 49
Credentials issued by DORL: administrative warnings to holders permitted -  Act 139
Credentials issued by DORL: applicant investigation and fee provisions [Sec. 223, 224, 4201, 4292-4297, 9242 (1), 9342 (1)] -  Act 27
Dietitian certification requirements: sunset date repealed -  Act 75
Home inspector registration requirements established; use of certain title restricted; report required  -  Act 81
Massage therapy and bodywork regulations created; provisions re patient records and liability -  Act 156
Nonpayment of support: DWD to establish system to suspend operator's licenses, professional certificates and recreational licenses for failure to pay; SSN required on professional license applications, written judgments in actions affecting the family and marriage documents; driver's license number required on recreation licenses; memorandum of understanding and subpoena or warrant provisions -  Act 191
Pawnbroking by certain licensed lenders authorized [Sec. 2923m, 2926e-s] -  Act 27
Professional geologist, hydrologist and soil scientist: regulations and examining board created -  Act 300
Remediation professionals: certification requirements created; DNR, DATCP and Comm.Dept memorandum of understanding [Sec. 346s, 3727g, 9137 (7n), 9437 (2m)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
traffic officerTraffic officer
Driver improvement surcharge increased; portion used to purchase and maintain breath screening instruments; funding for training and services by state traffic patrol [Sec. 498d, 500d, 597, 605, 4169, 4170, 9201 (3h), 9349 (3)]  -  Act 27
Parking spaces for disabled persons: parking in adjacent access aisle prohibited; report of violation to traffic officer revised -  Act 92
Special event security and traffic enforcement services by state traffic patrol: DOT may charge the event sponsor a fee [Sec. 499, 851, 2484, 4180, 9349 (9)] [499, 851, 2484 — partial veto] -  Act 27
Traffic academy tuition payments: PR appropriation created [Sec. 500, 850, 2691] -  Act 27
Vehicles obstructing freeway or expressway: removal of disabled vehicle; civil liability immunity re damage from removal or storage; stopping at scene of accident  -  Act 258
traffic safetyTraffic safety
Innovative safety measure pilot program established [Sec. 2481hi] [vetoed] -  AB-100
trainsTrains, see Railroad
transient accommodationTransient accommodation, see Hotel and motel
Anatomical gift: technicians authorized to remove donated human tissue or bone -  Act 52
Anatomical gifts and procurement: requirements re hospitals, organ procurement organizations, coroners and medical examiners revised -  Act 305
Power of attorney for health care instrument: anatomical gift provisions -  Act 206
transportation, department ofTransportation, Department of, see also specific subject
Alternative TVRP pilot program in Milwaukee [Sec. 512f, 527em, ep] -  Act 237
Appropriation adjustments re federal highway aid; JCF approval [Sec. 2471d] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Appropriation adjustments re federal highway aid; JCF approval  -  Act 86
Appropriation changes; budget reductions; sale or lease of assets; efficiency measures report [Sec. 468, 469, 471, 474, 475, 480-482, 492-494, 495, 496, 497, 497m, 2481L, m, 9149 (1L), 9249 (2p)] [2481L — partial veto]  -  Act 27
Cassville ferry in Grant county: funding for infrastructure and operating expenses [Sec. 9149 (3d)]  -  Act 27
Crimestopper signs [Sec. 2474p] -  Act 27
Delinquent taxes: DORL license denial, suspension, revocation or nonrenewal for; licensing departments to enter into memorandum of understanding with DOR; SSN and federal employer ID provisions [for section numbers, see entry under ``Income tax — Delinquent"] -  Act 237
Delinquent taxes: DOT licensing penalties for; SSN and federal employer ID provision [Sec. 422m-443p, 512g-k, 513c, 514m-527b, 9301 (1gx), 9348 (1g)] -  Act 237
Disadvantaged business demonstration and training program: sunset extended [Sec. 490-491w, 2471g, m] [491 — partial veto] -  Act 27
DOT authority re build-operate-lease or transfer agreements; study required [Sec. 9j, r, 495r, 500r, 2465L, m, 9149 (3g)] [9149 (3g) — partial veto] -  Act 27
DOT plan to reduce transportation fund appropriations [Sec. 9148 (5fm)] -  Act 237
DOT records access by DWD re support, paternity and medical support program -  Act 191
Emission inspection revision; fleet vehicle defined [Sec. 2691g, m, 3606pm, 9149 (2mm)] [2691g, m, 9149 (2mm) — vetoed] -  Act 27
Employe compensation supplemental funding [Sec. 9149 (1zt)] -  Act 27
Farm progress days: DOT prohibited from charging sponsors for costs [Sec. 2484m] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Flashing strobe light: use on human services vehicles allowed; DOT Secretary's duties specified -  Act 31
Harbor improvements: bonding limit increased [Sec. 733] -  Act 27
Highway bypasses and land development: DOT to study; recommendations re assistance to local businesses [Sec. 9149 (2mh)] -  Act 27
Highway project reports and studies by DOT or TPC: moratoria on activities [Sec. 10q] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Highway sign replacement [Sec. 494m, 1142m, 2486am, 9149 (2n)] [494m, 1142m, 2486am — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Hillcrest heights bridge in the village of Howard: DOT to complete reconstruction of [Sec. 9149 (1ypg)]  -  Act 27
Innovative safety measure pilot program established [Sec. 2481hi] [vetoed] -  AB-100
International fuel tax agreement: DOT required to recalculate -  Act 41
Korean war memorial at Plover in Portage county: directional signs along I-39 [Sec. 9148 (1x)] -  Act 237
Landscaping for certain major highway projects [Sec. 9149 (1d)] -  Act 27
Major highway development finance plan and revenue bonding policy considerations [Sec. 2485m] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
Major highway project enumeration: list increased; evaluations and conditions on new projects [Sec. 10g-p, 2465t-2471, 2476m, 9149 (2m)] [10g, 2476m, 9149 (2m) — vetoed] -  Act 27
Major highway project passing lanes: DOT report required [Sec. 9149 (5g)] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Major highway projects and transportation administrative facilities: revenue bonding level increased [Sec. 2475]  -  Act 27
Major highway projects enumeration: DOT to establish process for numerically evaluating projects, minimum score for recommendation to TPC required -  Act 86
Marquette interchange design [Sec. 9149 (1gs)] [partial veto] -  Act 27
Milwaukee Brewers stadium project, East-West freeway: reserve account for resurfacing revision [Sec. 2475g, m] -  Act 27
Mobile homes and camping trailer registration fee revisions [Sec. 4002, 4003] -  Act 27
Motor vehicle driver's license: DMV may enter reciprocal agreement with another country [Sec. 512L, m, p, t]  -  Act 237
Motor vehicle fuel tax rate increased; indexing formula modified [Sec. 2412m, 2414rm-s, 2418g, r, 2428m, 9343 (10q)] -  Act 27
Motor vehicle operating privileges: laws revised re operating while suspended or after revocation and proof of financial responsibility or deposit of security after an accident  -  Act 84
Motor vehicle subject to seizure for OWI-related crime: transfer of ownership provisions revised -  Act 199
Noise barriers along existing highways and for lake arterial project in Milwaukee county: funding provided [Sec. 9149 (3f), (6f)] -  Act 27
Nonpayment of support: DOA, DHFS and DOT may deny, suspend or revoke licenses; SSN, subpoena or warrant provisions -  Act 191