operating while intoxicated _owi_Operating while intoxicated (OWI), see Drunken driving
organ donationOrgan donation, see Transplant
organization, miscellaneousOrganization, Miscellaneous, see also Charitable corporation
AIDS and HIV life care prevention grants funding; grant for African American AIDS task force of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. [Sec. 418g, 2432g-j]  -  Act 9
Alzheimer's disease training and information grants [Sec. 1115, 1116] -  Act 9
Blood bank vehicle of nonprofit organization: registration fee modified -  Act 159
Conservation reserve enhancement program and funding; grassland habitat provision; prohibition re use of land for game bird, deer, animal or fur farm [Sec. 183tm, 637e, 1933gm] [1933gm — partial veto] -  Act 9
Crime prevention organizations: procedures re court ordered contributions revised; prosecutor provision  -  Act 58
Disaster relief service provided by state employes affiliated with the American Red Cross: collective bargaining provision revised -  Act 101
Federal dairy reform: DATCP assistance extended [Sec. 182, 183, 1928, 1929, 9404 (1)] -  Act 9
Lake grant program changes; river grant program created; contracts with nonprofit organizations [Sec. 324g-325p, 2526-2551m] -  Act 9
Literacy improvement: free book program repealed [Sec. 11d, n, 51m, 511d, 516m, 517m, 3261g] -  Act 9
Manufacturing assistance grants program eliminated; manufacturing extension center grants program for technology-based nonprofit organizations created [Sec. 2979, 2984, 2986-2992, 2995, 2997] -  Act 9
Natural resource conservation: grant program to encourage private efforts; report required [Sec. 318o, 665rc-ri] [665rc, re — vetoed] -  Act 9
Nonprofit organization in urban area: assistance provided [Sec. 2931-2933] -  Act 9
Respite care: administration of life-span projects; evaluation and proposed legislation re integration with long-term care [Sec. 447d, 1121g] -  Act 9
Special distinguishing registration plates re Ducks unlimited, inc.; additional fee made a tax-deductible contribution; certain registration numbers reserved -  Act 92
Urban land conservation grants to nonstock, nonprofit corporation [Sec. 318r, 665rm] -  Act 9
Wisconsin trust account foundation funding [Sec. 1276f] -  Act 9
oshkosh, city ofOshkosh, City of
Sustainable urban development zone program created; brownfield provisions; pilot program for certain cities; transportation planning [Sec. 332e, m, 1684d, 1709c, 1719g, m, 1722bd, 1740c, 1743d, 1747m, 1748bm, 1749k, 1756h, 1760q, 2649h, 9150 (3v), 9343 (22c)] [2649h — partial veto; all other sections (except 332e) vetoed] -  Act 9
outagamie countyOutagamie county
Drainage board compliance with applicable laws; DATCP grant program created; drainage board activities; district structures and deposits; Duck creek drainage district provisions; sunset provided [Sec. 184, 785dd-dp, 792m, 802mg, mr, 867xu-xw, 1876m-1877p] -  Act 9
outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising, see Billboard
owi _operating while intoxicated_OWI (Operating while intoxicated), see Drunken driving
p - P -
pari_mutuel bettingPari-mutuel betting, see Racing
parkPark, see also State park
Plover heritage park restoration project: grant to Portage county historical society [Sec. 247c, 9124 (1x)]  -  Act 9
park falls, city ofPark Falls, City of
Flambeau river recreational bridge project: funding for city of Park Falls [Sec. 9150 (2g)] [partial veto]  -  Act 9
parochial and private educational institutionsParochial and private educational institutions
Cemetery location restriction: exemption provided for private military academy in a 4th class city [Sec. 2283t, u]  -  Act 9
College tuition and expenses program revisions re residency, enrollment fee and redeeming tuition units; college savings program created; income tax deduction provisions  -  Act 44
Kinship care or long-term kinship care programs: definition of child revised re certain secondary, vocational or technical school students under 19 years of age  -  Act 133
Milwaukee parental choice program: income limit exception [Sec. 2109m, 9339 (7c)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
School safety research, plans and funding; suspensions and expulsions for threats; parental liability for damage caused by child; reporting pupil without parent or guardian; school performance report; truancy definition; DOJ and DPI to seek federal funds [Sec. 887d, 896m, 2042g, 2048nr, t, 2068m, r, 2108m, 2124m-u, 3111s, t, 9339 (4g), 9439 (1g)] [2108m — partial veto] -  Act 9
parole or probationParole or probation
Child abuse and neglect reports: disclosure to certain departments and persons for investigation of or providing services re correctional community placement -  Act 20
D.N.A. data bank: expansion re persons required to give specimens; surcharge provision [Sec. 2288b, f, h-L, 2718yn, z, 3202e-p, 9358 (5x), 9458 (2x)] -  Act 9
OWI offenses: probation for [Sec. 3205d-f, 9358 (6m)] -  Act 9
Sex offender registry re parole, probation or extended supervision: information requirements revised; residence change prohibition -  Act 156
partnershipPartnership, see Corporation
pathways to independencePathways to independence, see Medical assistance
peace officerPeace officer, see Police
pecfa _petroleum storage environmental cleanup program_PECFA (Petroleum storage environmental cleanup program), see Petroleum
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
personal propertyPersonal property
Antique slot machines: possession or transfer of permitted in certain cases; provision re premise with alcohol beverage license or permit -  Act 134
Foreign corporation activity that does not create nexus [Sec. 1722yc, 9343 (22dd)] -  Act 9
Public treasury: class 3 notice for unclaimed funds revised -  Act 93
State master lease program revisions re DOA authority and energy conservation construction projects [Sec. 93-102, 106, 107, 2819-2821, 2822] -  Act 9
personnel commissionPersonnel commission
Health care provider or facility employe reporting a violation: disciplinary action against person prohibited; DWD, Personnel commission and notice provisions -  Act 176
pesticidePesticide, see Pests
Agricultural chemical fee reduction extended; funding provision [Sec. 176, 184e, 712, 1937-1942, 1943-1945g] [184e, 1945e, g — vetoed] -  Act 9
Pesticide sales and use reporting system: DATCP to develop proposal and pilot project with JCF approval [Sec. 189e, g, 1942mc] [189g, 1942mc — partial veto; 189e — vetoed] -  Act 9
Clean-up liability exemption for local government re land acquired through escheat and other means; certain exemption eliminated [Sec. 2573-2575, 2577, 2579, 2580, 2602]  -  Act 9
Contaminated property acquired by local government: definition and exemption expanded [Sec. 2572, 2576, 2578, 2581, 2610] -  Act 9
Hazardous substance storage tank: groundwater fee applied [Sec. 1973-1975, 1976, 1979] -  Act 9
Leaking underground storage tanks: DOA report re allocation of federal funds [Sec. 9101 (14yt)] -  Act 9
PECFA revenue bonding [Sec. 122-159m, 217, 218-221, 713, 715, 994, 1825, 1855, 1994, 2510] -  Act 9
PECFA revisions re site categorization, risk-based analysis, award prioritization and remedial action plans, awards, deductible amount and department duties [Sec. 3j, 216m, 714c, 715e, 1979p-1993m, 1994m-1998ac, 9110 (3yt)-(3yx), 9310 (3yt)-(3yvf), 9410 (9yt)] [1983t, 1986e, m, 1991c, 1992c, 1993f, 1995r, 9110 (3yu), (3yx) — partial veto; 1986p — vetoed] -  Act 9
Petroleum product testing: Comm.Dept may contract for [Sec. 1972c, 2303r] -  Act 9
Petroleum storage remedial actions: Comm.Dept report on recommendations to reduce interest costs [Sec. 9110 (3yw)]  -  Act 9
Underground home heating oil storage tank regulations revised [Sec. 1975m] [partial veto] -  Act 9
Underground petroleum storage tank discharge: lender-liability exemption [Sec. 2606-2609] -  Act 9
petroleum storage environmental cleanup program _pecfa_Petroleum storage environmental cleanup program (PECFA), see Petroleum
pheasantPheasant, see Game bird
photo or photographPhoto or photograph, see Obscenity
physicianPhysician, see also Medical education
BOALTC survey re physicians who voluntarily accept assignment for payment of medicare; release of information by representative of long-term care ombusman (remedial legislation) -  Act 86
Psychiatric residents in DHFS: unclassified positions eliminated [Sec. 649, 2363] -  Act 9
plantsPlants, see also Weeds
Ginseng fees use for agricultural resource managment [Sec. 185, 1935, 1936] -  Act 9
Ginseng research funding [Sec. 295m, 9154 (2t)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Plant protection activities: DATCP cooperative agreements [Sec. 1930] -  Act 9
plewa, john rPlewa, John R.
I 794 and STH 794 in Milwaukee county: portion designated as the ``John R. Plewa memorial lake parkway" [Sec. 1819rm] -  Act 9