2001 - 2002 LEGISLATURE
January 30, 2001 - Introduced by Representatives Plale, Walker, McCormick,
Hebl, Kreibich, Petrowski, Hoven, Gard, Gunderson, Ward, Turner, Ladwig,
Sykora, Ziegelbauer, Johnsrud, Huebsch, Miller, Gronemus, Vrakas, J.
Lehman, Sherman, Schneider, Owens, Wade, Urban, Ryba, Carpenter,
Lippert, Musser, Krawczyk, Foti, Jeskewitz
and Kedzie.
AR4,1,1 1Relating to: the life and public service of Coach Al McGuire.
AR4,1,42 Whereas, after a courageous bout with illness, legendary college basketball
3coach and announcer Alfred Emanuel McGuire passed away on Friday, January 26,
42001, at age 72; and
AR4,1,65 Whereas, Al McGuire played college basketball at St. John's University in New
6York and 3 seasons of professional basketball with the New York Knicks; and
AR4,1,87 Whereas, Al McGuire began his head coaching career at Belmont Abbey, North
8Carolina, in 1958 and then came to Marquette University in 1965; and
AR4,1,129 Whereas, during his tenure at Marquette University, Al McGuire made the
10Marquette Warriors a national power in college basketball, compiling an astounding
11record of 295-80 with an equally impressive record of having 92% of his players
12graduate; and
AR4,1,1513 Whereas, Al McGuire led Marquette to 11 postseason appearances during his
14tenure, including the NIT finals in 1967, the NIT championship in 1970, and the
15NCAA finals in 1974; and
1Whereas, in 1977, in his final season as coach, Al McGuire led the Marquette
2Warriors on an improbable run to the NCAA National Championship; and
AR4,2,53 Whereas, in the final seconds of the championship game, Al McGuire left the
4nation with one of the most memorable moments in sports history as he wept in joy
5on the bench while his team celebrated its championship; and
AR4,2,96 Whereas, Al McGuire left the coaching ranks to begin a 22-year career
7broadcasting college basketball for NBC, CBS, and Marquette University, which
8ended in March 2000 with his final game at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin;
AR4,2,1210 Whereas, in 1992, Al McGuire was inducted into the James Naismith Memorial
11Basketball Hall of Fame joining his brother Dick McGuire to become the only
12brothers inducted; and
AR4,2,1513 Whereas, after leaving coaching, Al McGuire founded Al's Run in Milwaukee,
14Wisconsin, which has raised over $4 million for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin;
AR4,2,1716 Whereas, Al McGuire served as the chairman of the board of the President's
17Council on Physical Fitness; and
AR4,2,1918 Whereas, in October 2000, Marquette University announced that its new
19basketball practice facility would be named in honor of Al McGuire; and
AR4,2,2120 Whereas, Al McGuire is survived by his wife of 40 years, Patricia, his sons Allie
21and Robert, daughter Noreen, and 6 grandchildren; now, therefore, be it
AR4,2,24 22Resolved by the assembly,That the Wisconsin assembly hereby honors the
23life and career of Coach Al McGuire and mourns his passing. May his memory live
24forever in our hearts; and, be it further
1Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide a copy of this resolution
2to the family of Al McGuire and to the Marquette University Athletic Department.
AR4,3,33 (End)